I Fell From Grace Chronicles A Cursed Man’s Violent, Sexual Downward Spiral
I Fell From Grace
(Last Updated On: December 24, 2017)

There aren’t many games that put you in a normal, slice-of-life situation where you take on mundane tasks and attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy in your life. That’s usually the complete opposite of how most games operate. Usually you’re a hero, or an anti-hero, or a villain on a quest of redemption. In Deep Taiga’s I Fell From Grace, you play as a guy whose life is blessed when his wife’s terminal illness is miraculously cured, but then things violently spiral out of control, leading him down a route of possible murder and sexual deviancy.

Players step into the role of Henry who is in his mid-40s. Things seem to be going well for him and his wife Grace, but after she gets hit with a terminal illness and the medical costs start skyrocketing, Henry is put in a tough bind. A miraculous cure solves part of the couple’s problems, but then things begin taking a sinister twist for the worst when Henry attempts to delve deeper into the costs that come with his wife’s cure.

This point-and-click, pixelated adventure game seems like it’s just another stroll in the park, but as showcased in the trailer below, things get dark… real dark.

Graphically I wasn’t too impressed when I first saw the screenshots. “Another typical 8-bit hipster game” is the one thing that might quickly flood the thoughts of those passing by. However, the tags seemed to belie the game’s 8-bit friendly appearance, and the trailer definitely sets the mood for something that could be a lot more complex than what it appears to be on the surface.

As a point-and-click game you’ll move through the environments like the typical old-school games from the yesteryears of gaming. You’ll examine objects, talk to NPCs and attempt to move the story along.

Unlike many other adventure games of old, Henry will be given options that can radically alter his path in life. As evident in the trailer, he can engage in an affair, commit murder, steal, and partake in other means of impropriety.

I’m not sure how long the game is, or what the scope of your actions are like, but the overall premise seems really interesting and quite intriguing.

It’s a shame that there aren’t more user reviews available, but if you want to learn more about the game you can check it out over on the Steam store page for $14.99.

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