Feminazi: The Triggering Update Adds Gender Creator
Feminazi The Triggering Update
(Last Updated On: December 13, 2017)

Svarog Studios recently updated Feminazi: The Triggering with 40 all new banners and a DLC menu so you can see which pieces of DLC you have installed or which pieces of DLC you need to add to the game to expand your experience into the intersectional world of microaggressions and militant feminism.

The update is available now known as the “Flag Pack”, and it also comes with better FPS optimization, along with a highly anticipated feature: a gender creator.

Before the game was limited to only editing genders, but now you can create a gender across the “Progressive” spectrum that highlights the inclusionary and diversified personifications of your otherkin desires.

That’s right, you can become the gender of your dreams, using the all new gender creator, because as we all know that there are only two genders in real life, but an infinite number of genders in the virtual world. You need to become an Apache attack helicopter? A dragonkin? A furrykin? An otherkin?

Additionally, if you want to become transracial you can do that, too.

For all of you out there willing to imitate faux-activism as a black man pretending to be an Asian man, you can do that. If you want to embody a mentally disturbed white woman working for the NAACP as a frizzy-haired black woman, you can do that, too. And if you want to lead a violent revolt of protestors through the street as a white man choosing to identify as a black man, you can do that, too.

They also made it where you no longer get stuck in the police mini-game, so you can stop bombarding the developers with complaints that the police were holding you down.

Additionally, they revamped the Mother Russia DLC, and also made the combat more fluid and less clunky, so it no longer looks like trigglypuff trying to play ARMS during a seizure on a broken Switch.

You can grab the latest DLC along with the full version of Feminazi: The Triggering right now from over on the Steam store for $0.99.

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