Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Gameplay Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Gameplay Walkthrough
(Last Updated On: December 13, 2017)

Square Enix finally delivered on their promise, unleashing the biggest story-DLC yet for Final Fantasy XV, this time in the form of Episode Ignis. The chapter fills in the missing details of what happened with Ignis when he was attacked during the summoning of the Leviathan at Altissia involving Noctis and Luna when the boy band were in town for the big wedding. Well, now you can finally find out exactly what happened to Ignis’ eyes and what went down during the fight with this Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis gameplay walkthrough guide.

YouTuber Shirrako has the full two hour story DLC rolled out and available for viewing in his live playthrough capture that you can check out below. It’s a meaty DLC that probably has many season pass holders feeling as if they got their money’s worth, given that Final Fantasy XV came out in late 2016 and gamers are still receiving DLC for it.

The episode starts with a cinematic featuring young Regis, young Ignis, and young Noctis. Regis entrusts Ignis with taking care of Noctis.

A brief recap of the Altissia battle commences and after the cinematic we see where a ship crashes into the building and separates Ignis and the rest of the boy band.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Noct meets Ignis

Chapter 1: Callings

Start off by swimming to shore with Ignis.

When you get up to the top, fight the Imperial Guard using Ignis’ elemental daggers. You can switch between the elements using the digital pad. Left imbues the spelldaggers with ice, up imbues them with fire, and right imbues them with lightning.

You can use Triangle on the DualShock (or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller) to use dash attacks, just like the standard controls in the normal version of Final Fantasy XV.

You can reach the rooftops and get around Altissia using the grappling hook, which is attached to the right trigger. Simply aim up and press the trigger to allow Ignis to unleash his inner Batman.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Ignis Grappling Hook

Hop down and kill the Imperial troops. Once you’re done you’ll need to make your way toward the navpoint. You can get over the barrier by jumping up and aiming toward the rooftops. Use the rooftops to scale across the city and make your way toward the bridge.

You can also use the grappling hook to get up high and then jump down on top of the mechs.

Make your way to the bridge; a cinematic will play featuring Ravus who attempts to go in alone to retrieve Luna and Noct.

Head back into the battle and fight off more of the Megitek troops and Imperial forces.

You’ll need to use your potions once your life gets low and your life will get low. The enemies will be overwhelming at times, so don’t hesitate to move frequently around the battlefield to avoid being overwhelmed.

Once you get past the ridiculous amount of enemy waves, you can save your game at the rest stop./ From there, make your way to the docks and talk to the commander.

Hop inside the boat and make your way toward the dock past the titan.

Ignis will get tipped out of his boat and Caligo will start shooting at him with the accuracy of a Stormtrooper.

After another cinematic boat chase, Caligo and Ignis will duke it out in the Altissia square.

First thing is first: Kill all the scrubs. They’ll wear down your life if you’re not careful.

Once Caligo’s minions are done and finished, focus on the MA-X Aureus.

The boss fight isn’t that difficult, just keep an eye on any riflemen that might attempt to snipe you from afar.

After the fight, Ravus will kill Caligo.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Ravus and Ignis

Chapter 2: Chances

Work with Ravus; the two fan-shipping duo will have to hack and slash their way through the troops.

Once you get done killing the Imperial robots, you can ask Ravus about his intentions. You’ll learn that Ravus doesn’t care about Noct, but is intent on saving Luna.

The next segment requires sneaking up to and performing a stealth kill on the Magitek armor. You’ll need to simply stay out of sight and press ‘X’ on the DualShock or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller when you get to the right area to perform the QTE stealth kills.

Once you get done taking out the Magitek armor, some intense sexual tension will brew between Ravus and Ignis as they banter and tag-team with each other on their way toward Luna and Noctis.

Battling the troops are quite easy with Ravus’ help.

Finish up taking out the troops and talk to Ravus to head to the altar and watch another cinematic.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Lover's Fate

Ravus and Ignis will have a lover’s spat, fighting after Ravus attempts to kill Noctis after becoming enraged from seeing his sister die.

Fight Ravus. Be sure to dodge his ground AOE attacks. You’ll likely need to use your and wear him down until his life runs out and the cinematic plays.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Sacrifice

Chapter 3: Sacrifices

Ignis will put on the ring and fight Ardyn.

Ignis will give up his sight to save Noctis.

Once the ring’s power wears off he will lose his abilities.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Friends Until The End

The episode ends after this, but you will unlock the Extra Verse from Chapter 3, which you can access from the main menu once you beat the episode. You’ll also unlock a new outfit for Ignis as well.

Chapter 3: Verse 2 – Possibilities

The extra verse episode takes place in Niflheim, where Ardyn takes Ignis back to the Imperial main base at Zegnautus Keep.

This will allow players to explore the imperial base.

You’ll need to fight a few demon monsters before making your way to the crystal.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Ardyn Lucis Caleum

Ardyn will reveal once more that he was the brother of the Lucean founder king, but was cast aside as the world’s champion.

At the end of the episode Ignis will put the ring on once more and fight Ardyn.

Unlike the other fight, you’ll only have four minutes to defeat Ardyn once you get his life low enough. So work fast.

If you don’t defeat Ardyn in time then the game will end.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Allternate Ending

The objective is to stay on Ardyn, use the fire attacks and maintain your combo with quick attacks until Ardyn’s life depletes.

The verse 2 will open up an alternate ending, where Noct doesn’t die at the end, and neither does Ravus. Ignis keeps his sight; and after defeating Ardyn, Noctis becomes king and Ignis gets to call him “Your majesty” within his own final fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - Your Majesty

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