Fire Pro Wrestling World Graduates From Steam Early Access
Fire Pro Wrestling World
(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

Spike Chunsoft announced that Fire Pro Wrestling World has finally graduated from Steam’s Early Access section after five months of development and has launched in full for $19.99. Better yet is that during the first week of launch you can get your hands on the game for 33% off the normal price for only $13.39.

In a Steam community post, Spike revealed that version 1.0 is out and available, featuring all new content such as the ability to overwrite option to the edit mode, new priority attack slots being added to the CPU logic, a number of bugs were fixed in the League and Tournament modes, and they’ve made it where league matches now proceed in a more evenly distributed way among wrestlers.

One of the more significant updates for the game moving from Early Access to the full release is the added support for online play for up to four players. This will definitely add an all new dynamic to playing Fire Pro Wrestling World against friends and foes alike.

Match specific evaluation criterias have been added, along with a ton of new parts for the character creation, including female base parts for female anime-style characters for normal, cool, and adult characters, along with a smorgasbord of new moves that include a double rotation moonsault, toe kicks, short elbows, jawbreakers, and even a turning two-step knee kick.

This is in addition to everything else that was already included in FIre Pro Wrestling World, such a variety of online or offline single and tournament style matches, championship bouts, battle royales, deathmatches, steel cage matches, barbed wire matches, landmine matches, MMA matches, no-holds-barred matches, and more.

The customization mode also allows for building your own title belts, rings, logos, referees and of course the wrestlers themselves.

If you were interested in the game you can pick up a digital copy right now from over on the Steam store page.

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