The First Class VR Takes Players On A Journey Through Aeronautics History
The First Class VR

A new HTC Vive history simulator has been announced, which covers a wide range of aeronautical craft from the early days of aviation to the latest in Elon Musk’s Space X technology, gamers will get to experience both historical and edutainment values as they move through a number of scenes featuring aircraft in the upcmoing The First Class VR, which is due for release December 14th.

A new trailer from Zodiac Interactive was released featuring three whole minutes of narration and in-game scenarios. The Chinese-made title is powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and consists of some environmental interactivity as players get a history lesson from the early days of flight, all the way to the future of flight. You can check out the trailer below.

Zodiac will be publishing the title while the Beijing, China-based Light & Digital Technology will be handling the development of the game… or interactive VR experience.

An Pu, Lead the creative producer at Light & Digital Technology, mentioned in the press release…

“The story you will experience is inspired by the Hugo Awards Best Novel Winner the “Three-Body Problem” by Cixin Liu. We feel very honored that the author Cixin Liu played the game and gave it his blessing.”

It looks like some of the segments might actually allow you to play, but majority of it will be VR scenarios setup where you just kind of explore or watch what’s going on around you.

Only a few segments appeared to show that players could interact with the environment, and one of them was the scene where the player was on the cliff and had to climb up into the helicopter as they viewed the SpaceX rocket landing on the pad.

There seems to be a lot of edutainment titles made for VR lately, or walking sims, and interactive stories, but none of these games seem to be tearing up the sales charts.

Anyway, you’ll be able to experience The First Class VR come December 14th later this month for the HTC Vive on Steam.


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