Freedom Planet 2 Demo 1.0.5 Update Available For Download
Freedom Planet 2 Demo

The latest version of the Freedom Planet 2 demo is currently available for download right now. Version 1.0.5 is being rolled out first for GalaxyTrail’s Discord followers and will soon be available for download over on their official website.

If you follow the indie devs via Discord you can grab version 1.0.5 from GalaxyTrail channel.

If you don’t trust Discord, you may have to wait a few days and get the demo from over on the official Freedom Planet 2 website.

The new version 1.0.5 received a short changelog over on the Steam community page, it details how they fixed a glitch when using the analog triggers on a controller while in the menu, along with making sure and testing the game’s compatibility with the PS4’s DualShock controller.

They tweaked and balance the frames for guarding during combat along with the hitstun effect from a successful guard. And they’ve removed the zoom option from the Photo menu.

If you’re completely out of the loop on Freedom Planet 2 you can check out some footage of the demo in action below courtesy of Insane Great Killer.

The music for this game is just so, so, so good.

The soundtrack is one of the things that just feels so enthused and full of verve. It’s like they care deeply about giving the game character through sound, which is such an awesome throwback to the yesteryears of gaming when the 16-bit era had great games with great standout soundtracks.

Beyond that, the Freedom Planet 2 demo takes place in the Dragon Valley, allowing gamers to get a taste of what the momentum, platforming, and challenge is like in the game.

A lot of gamers can’t wait for Freedom Planet 2 to arrive, and it’s an awesome looking game. You can grab the latest build of the demo to find out if it’s something you might enjoy or you can keep track of development by following the Steam store page.


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