Friday The 13th: The Game Virtual Cabin 2.0 Gameplay Walkthrough
Friday The 13th The Game Virtual Cabin 2.0 Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the most highly anticipated updates for Gun Media and Illfonic’s Friday The 13th: The Game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One has finally dropped, leaving gamers oozing with anticipation to explore the new content and features. Well, for gamers in desperate need of some guided help with the new Virtual Cabin, there’s a gameplay walkthrough guide available for Friday The 13th: The Game‘s Virtual Cabin 2.0 update.

YouTuber cyber7148 has a complete walkthrough guide available showcasing all the ins and outs to help you along the way. You can check out the half hour video below.

First thing is first, head to the computer after you load into the Virtual Cabin 2.0.

Scroll down to “Check for Updates” and enter the password: mother.

Next, you need to pick up all the Jason Voorhees masks.

The first one is located under the fireplace to the left of the computer.

The second mask is located in the first room to the right of the hallway inside of a box. The mask is located in the corner.

Head upstairs. Go to the room to the far back and the left where the tent is setup. Go into the tent and you’ll find the third mask inside of an open crate.

You’ll find the remaining four masks on the wall behind the balcony where the two camp counselors are standing. Take all the masks off the wall.

Next, you have to put all the masks on the wall in order.

  • Start with the hockey mask from Friday The 13th: Part III. It has two read marks on the left and right side of the cheeks and a red arrow between the left and right eye slots.
  • Directly next to this mask, place the hockey mask on the wall with the read mark above the left eye and the gash in the upper right corner.
  • Next, go to the far right and place the broken hockey mask for “mutated diseased” Jason at the very end of the wall.
  • Next, from the second to last hook on the far right side of the wall, place the mask from Jason Goes to Manhattan on the wall next to the broken mask.
  • From right to left, place the next mask on the hook that ends with the description “A Hollywood record”.
  • From there, moving from right to left, place down the one with the red arrow pointing down between the two eye slots.
  • DO NOT put the hockey mask with the two blue checks onto the wall.

If you did it correctly you should hear a noise and one of the drawers from the dresser next to the wall hooks will open.

Inside the drawer is a badge. Take it.

Next, head downstairs to the blue phone on the small dresser. Put in the number: 1-555-3429-277

If you did it correctly you should hear Jason’s mom ask “Who is this? Where is my boy?”

The drawer should open up and a badge will be inside. Take it.

Next, head over to the diorama of the house and take all the figures. Then head into the bathroom and take one of the other figurines.

Head into the room next to the bathroom with the curtain display that’s roped off and a black snake should come out of the corner of the room and wrap itself around one of the poles.

Next, go over to the diorama of the barn stable and take the figurines.

Place down Ali on the far left figurine diorama stand.

Next, place the Jason figurine with the machete down on the center platform so that he’s facing the right platform.

Lastly, place down Chris on the far right side of the barn diorama.

Head back into the living room and look at the house diorama on the dresser stand.

Place Jessica down on the far left side. Place Jason in the full jumpsuit down in the center, and place Steven on the far right side to open the drawer and take badge.

Take the badge from the drawer.

Next, go back into the room with the roped off display and take the sheriff badge on the desk by the car battery.

Take the bandanna from the top of the toilet tank in the bathroom.

Take the blue baseball cap from the hat stand by the exit door in the living room area.

Go upstairs into the room with the tent and open the cabinet. A spider will pop down. Grab the blue yo-yo from the yellow toy crate.

Go over to the pedestal in the same room and place the sheriff badge down on top of the pedestal

Head into the room across the hall with the bloody axe in the bed and pick up the tape from the pedestal.

Place the blue yo-yo on the pedestal next to the sign that says “Jason Is Dead 2 for 1 Burger Sale!”

Head back downstairs into the exhibition room and place the bandanna on the pedestal.

Lastly, head into the back room with the exit door and there’s a pedestal just behind the door. Place the blue cap on the pedestal to open the secret drawer and take the badge.

Go into the kitchen and place all the badges on the wall plaque to unlock the secret compartment that leads down into the basement.

Listen to the message from the developers on the walkie talkie.

Go over to the ringing phone and answer it.

Turn around to see Jason’s Mother’s head.

The Virtual Cabin will end.

Go back to the main menu, go into offline mode, and load into the Virtual Cabin.

Go back to the computer and go to “Change Date”. Change the date to: June 13th, 1979.

The phone will ring.

Go back down into the basement and answer the phone.

Jason from Friday The 13th: Part III will break out of the display case and start killing people.

Go upstairs and and move into the living room, and then head up to the second level.

See the dead bodies.

Go back downstairs and one of the bedroom doors will now be open and two counselors will be dead inside. You’ll see Kenny arrowed up on the door with an arrow in his schlong. I hope he died before his schlong got penetrated, it’s embarrassing for a man to die getting penetrated from in front or behind.

Anyway, take the key.

Exit the room after you get the key and exit through the busted down exit door.

Go to your right out the door and head to the tool shed. Use the key from Kenny dead-dick to unlock the outhouse and take the shovel from inside the tool shed.

Move down the path and go into the graveyard. Go over to the right side of the graveyard and next to the fence there’s a spiked gate spear. Take it.

Next, go over to the mound of dirt and use the shovel on it to uncover Zombie Jason.

Friday The 13th The Game - Virtual Cabin 2 - Zombie Jason

Stake Zombie Jason in the chest with the spear and he will come back to life and kill you real good in your face.

Take the badge from the coffin.

After you take the badge, follow the pathway exactly as it’s depicted in the video at the 15:45 mark.

Follow the machete on the ground and walk directly to the highlighted tree. If you stray from the path you will die.

  • From there, walk straight to the tree with the glowing arrow.
  • From there, walk straight to the tree with the little duck.
  • From there, walk straight to the small dirt mound.
  • Use the shovel to dig up the grave and take the patch.

Go to the boom box on the ground and set the radio dial to just past 104, as indicated in the image below.

Friday The 13th The Game - Virtual Cabin 2 - Radio Dial

You should hear some Morse code.

Go over to the refrigerator outside and there’s a lock on it. Look underneath. The code to open the lock on the refrigerator is: 5312

Inside the fridge is Jason mother’s severed head.

Go into the cabin shack with the altar and place the mother’s head on the shrine. Take the badge.

Go back to the docks and place the three badges on the plaque.

Take the gas can and put the gas into the little boat. Get into the boat.

The virtual cabin will end.

Go back into offline mode. Go into the Virtual Cabin mode… again.

Once you get back into the Virtual Cabin, input the Konami Code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X.

You’ll enter into debug mode.

Turn off the map collision and go into the room with the exhibition that’s roped off. Go into the door. Activate the walkie talkie.

The dev will get killed.

Go take the glitchy badge. There’s a second badge behind you, take it and the whole thing will glitch and then reload the Virtual Cabin.

Take the glitchy badges and follow the glitchy badges downstairs until you see the CEO of Illfonic, Chuck Brungardt, get butchered and thrown through the window.

Friday The 13th The Game - Virtual Cabin 2 - Illfonic CEO

Keep following and collecting the glitchy badges.

Follow the badges all the way downstairs into the basement and look at every Jason. Take the badges from each of the Jasons until one of them kills you.

Friday The 13th The Game - Virtual Cabin 2 - Kid Jason

Once you wake up, keep following the glitchy badges until you head back upstairs and end up in a futuristic room from Jason X.

Go look at the computer in the next room.

Go into the next room and Jason X will kill you. It will then be revealed that Jason X from Jason X along with the Grendel map from the movie will be made avialable in Friday The 13th: The Game.


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