Global Adventures MMO Arrives On Steam With Criticisms Of Clunky Controls, Cumbersome UI
Global Adventure MMO

It’s never a good thing when your game launches and the first thing everyone complains about is an obtrusive user interface, clunky and laggy controls, and pay-to-win features. Well, Subagames and Pixelsoft have released Global Adventures, an modern-day fantasy MMORPG, but the feedback from gamers hasn’t been very positive.

At the moment, the game released as a free-to-play title on the Steam store, but it has a mostly negative user review rating. Even the long-legged, buxom beauties you can play around with in the character creator weren’t enough to save this game from the harsh realities of broken gameplay mechanics.

The gist of Global Adventures is that you go on treasure hunts with other players, fighting mythical creatures, teaming up with other players or playing through the game solo, there are skins, armor, and weapons to unlock, five different character classes, five hours worth of cinematics, and castle building/defense.

You can see what the game is like with the trailer below.

While the description sounds nice on paper, the execution leaves a lot to be desired… according to gamers.

The mostly negative review scores so far cite the game’s clunky controls, as if the game was poorly ported over from mobile devices.

Xeraphas’ summation of the game seems to have most gamers in agreement, where he writes…

“Choppy animations, completely unsynced audio, needless bad dialogue, bad humor. The first thing I saw was “Test out our shop spend 25$ any way you want and get a free mount” this window is before you’re even allowed move in the tutorial. I wish literally any company would make a game with some thought of quality over pure profit.”

Warach had a similar set of criticisms for the game, calling the environment “cancer” and writing…

“Played for only a few minutes and I can already smell the dissapointment coming from everyone’s brain. The game is highly unfinished, definitely should NOT be released anytime soon as of writing this review.

“The game is locked at 60fps, which is fine, but the animations are terrible, buggy, unsynced, low-effort pieces of garbage,

“The game is really buggy, the story-telling is terrible from the beginning, and I am starting to regret even getting the chance to play during the closed beta, even if that means I actually didn’t pay for the key myself.”

And the eloquently named Butznutz also had the exact same criticisms, writing…

“I actually wanted to like this game, but alas its a horrible trainwreck


– Controls are very clunky and lagging
– UI is cumbersome (typical Asian MMO UI from 15 years ago)
– Very repititive Gameplay running the same instances over and over and over and overm each using Fatigue
– Game uses a Fatigue system, which can be recharged more often you spent Real Money
– Buying into this game gives you more XP, Currency, Fatigue, making this game P2W
– Audio is out of sync, and the voice overs are really annoying


“And for anybody considering into buying into the game….DO NOT….why, read below


“GM_Spooky (ingame name) has confirmed that any Suba points bought and used in Closed Beta will not reset after the wipe. So if you spent lets say 100$ on this game in CBT and use all the currency you will not be getting it back for OBT. All you get is a free mount if you spent more then 25$.”

A few people used the defense that the game isn’t finished yet and that judgments should be reserved, but I think Subagames should have put the game into Early Access first before launching it in full if it’s still unfinished, since essentially that’s what Early Access is for.

If you want to keep an eye on the game because you like modern-day, treasure-hunting themed MMORPGs, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page. However, the repeated warnings about choppy animations, poor controls and cumbersome UI should be a fair enough warning to keep your distance until those all get ironed out by Pixelsoft.


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