God Of War ESRB Rating Shows Intense Violence And No Sexual Content
(Last Updated On: December 24, 2017)

God of War’s ESRB listing reveals content that will be in the game and content that won’t be in the game well ahead of its release date. Santa Monica Studio’s God of War is set to release in 2018 exclusively for PS4.

Catching wind from publication site GameRant we find that the ESRB has published God of War’s rating. This is also tagged along with the following description as posted below:

“You are Kratos, the son of Zeus, and god of war. Betrayed by your father and tricked into killing your family by Ares, you brought vengeance to Olympus and watched as it burned around you.


Leaving the ruins of Rome behind, you now set off for a new land in search of a fresh start and a home in which you can peacefully raise your son. But old habits die hard.”

It seems that ancient Greek mythology isn’t the only thing that Kratos is leaving behind either, as it seems that the series of games known for its “sex mini-games” and lewd scenes will be making a departure, too.

We can visually witness the change below courtesy of a tweet showing the actual rating and description of God of War by Wario64.

We can see that the game will implement more swearing and violence sans the explicit NSFW scenes when it launches for public consumption, unless there’s a change of plans later down the line through DLC or something.

Moreover, according to the comment section that Wario64 posted, a mix of emotions were kicked up and then some. We can see that some folks feel that the new game should depart from its lewd ways, while some commenters just want a fun game, and the conversation wasn’t complete without disappointment that the familiar sexual sequences are now left out.

If you didn’t catch it, God of War is rated M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence and Strong Language. The third-person action game is set to release for PS4 in 2018.

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