GOG.com Apologizes To SJWs For Sharing PC Master Race Image Of Terry Crews
Terry Crews PCMR

Social Justice Warriors have deemed the decade old meme “PC Master Race” as inappropriate and offensive. It was a term coined during the heat of the seventh gen console wars as PC gamers would butt into flaming discussions about which console was better between the PS3 and the Xbox 360. While the Sony and Microsoft camps would claim that the Wii didn’t count because it was too weak, PC gamers would explain that all three consoles were peasants compared to the godly power of the glorious PC Master Race. This became a widespread meme thanks to critic Yahtzee using it in one of his videos.

Since then, PC gamers have joked around that real gaming is done on a high-end rig, and that by building a decent PC (it doesn’t even have to be expensive) you will have joined the Glorious PC Master Race, having access to higher resolutions, uncapped frame-rates and the oh-so-glorious mods. It even spawned a parody sub-Reddit called /r/PCMasterRace/.

Terry Crews and his son ended up joining the PC Master Race when they built a high-end gaming rig together, chronicling their journey through the process of a father-son bonding experience. Crews even did a video explaining why he joined the PCMR.

Despite most well-adjusted people understanding the decade old console war meme, there are Social Justice Warriors who hate the term… just as they hate many things in life.

When GOG.com tweeted out a gif from the video above of Terry Crews and his son being part of the PC Master Race, there were people angered and offended at the gesture from the GOG.com Twitter account that was posted on December 25th, 2017.

A variety of Social Justice Warriors hopped into the thread to chastise GOG.com’s community manager for attempting to have some fun on the holidays and spread mirth and good cheer with the Crews image. They told the social media manager not to use “white supremacist language”, and they were angered that GOG.com would use an image that they felt showed a black man embracing white supremacy.

GOG.com’s community manager folded under the lightweight criticism. Thankfully the original tweet is still around, but less than an hour after making that tweet, the GOG.com community manager posted up an apology, addressing the SJWs that complained about the offensiveness of the tweet both publicly and privately.

Others chided GOG.com on “language” being used during this “climate”, stating that due to the media’s insistence on pushing toward a race war by raising racial tensions, we have to “give up” humor and fun in our daily lives.

Even with the apology, some people were still offended that the meme of the PC Master Race was used, claiming that dank memes make their life much “harder” and “vulnerable” to extremists.

[Correction: According to Bokhari, he was actually criticizing SJWs who trivialize discussions about racism and extremism and later clarified in a tweet that he did not support GOG.com apologizing for the meme]

Thankfully, real gamers were there to support GOG.com.

A lot of people were actually against Social Justice Warriors attempting to meme-police the GOG.com Twitter account, saying that there was nothing wrong with tweeting out a gif of Terry Crews and his son.

Journalist Ian Miles Cheong had some harsh words for GOG.com’s social media manager, essentially telling them to man up or step out.

This is just further indication that the culture war has zapped all sense of fun and entertainment out of simple things like memes.

There was a time when you could type “PCMR” into a discussion thread and the only people who would be offended were those who were stuck playing their games at sub-30fps at upscaled 720i because their peasant box didn’t have Terry Crews’ level of processing muscles pumping through the circuit boards like silicon pythons flexing for that glorious 8K UHD output at an unbridled 120 frames per second.


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