Gravel’s Latest Trailer Showcases Dusk Setting For Namibia Point-To-Point Race
Gravel Racing Game
(Last Updated On: December 25, 2017)

Milestone recently released a new trailer for their upcoming racing game Gravel. The trailer covers a race through the Namibia Wild Rush.

The trailer is actually mesmerizing. Why? There’s a hypnotic fluidity to the car mechanics as players barrel over small mounds, make leaps over hills, and splash through water while traversing through the checkpoints and moving through the dirt-paved track.

The car physics are most definitely not the most realistic, with the jumps and bumps betraying the game’s visual fidelity to reveal that the suspension and recoil from the shocks look stiff and boxy. Even still, the race itself was somewhat soothing despite all the bumping and grinding throughout each passing checkpoint. You can check out the three minute video below to see Gravel in action.

Thankfully, Milestone’s title isn’t just another eight-shape off-road racing game. The track that sees players trekking through Namibia at high-speeds is actually a point-to-point race, with the challenge being that you have to stay within the checkpoints scattered throughout the run.

The checkpoint races aren’t the only ones you’ll be participating in throughout Gravel. There are also arena-based stadium runs, and even cross-country events that see you toughing it out across treacherous terrain on some of the most challenging off-road maps featured in the game.

The game seems to seek to fill the void between arcade racers like Motorstorm or Nail’d and more simulation-oriented games like WRC or DiRT. You get a mixture of off-road racing disciplines within a single game, featuring different track and vehicle types.

The trailer up above isn’t anything too spectacular, but if you’ve been starved of off-road titles for PS4, Xbox One or PC, Milestone seems to be focusing on catering to gamers looking for something more than just more street racers and pro-circuit sims.

Gravel is due out on February 27th, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more info you can hit up the official website.

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