Hanako: Honor And Blade Awarded IndieDB’s Best Multiplayer Game Of 2017

IndieDB has been handing out year awards for 2017, and +Mpact Games’ Hanako: Honor & Blade managed to come away as the best multiplayer game of the year.

The news was originally posted up over on IndieDB, where games like A Hat In Time were awarded for being the best single-player game of the year, and Cuphead stepped away with the award for best visuals.

Rock of Ages II captured the most creative award, while the community award went to Day of Infamy, and best audio went to Bloober Team’s Observer.

It was the Early Access title, Hanako: Honor & Blade that impressed IndieDB the most in the multiplayer category, thanks to being set within 16th century Feudal Japan and having fast-paced, tactical hack-and-slash gameplay resting at its core.

The award comes at a time where the game is currently discounted by 50% off. You can get it for as cheap as $4.99 right now over on the Steam store. It’s regularly available for $9.99.

The game centers around traveling Japan, battling enemies, and engaging in multiplayer bouts for up to 24 players. At the moment there are four campaign maps featuring various objectives and tasks to complete.

There is no single-player offline mode, but if enough gamers clamor for it, then they might deliver it. There are four different character classes to play, including the assassin, pikeman, archer and swordsman. To get around the maps quickly there is the grappling hook, as well as class-specific special abilities.

They have plans on finishing up the game’s full multiplayer campaign mode over the course of the next six to 12 months, putting the full release somewhere in the summer or fall of 2018.

You can visit the Steam page for more info, or wait until the game graduates from Early Access before putting your hard earned money into +Mpact Games’ coffers.


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