Hollowpoint, 2.5D Shooter Development Picked Up By Red Kite Games

If you enjoyed Shadow Complex from Epic Games and have been craving more 2.5D shooters, Red Kite Games announced that they picked up the development rights for the game Hollowpoint from Paradox Interactive after the latter let the development lapse into vaporware following the initial unveiling way back in 2014.

According to Simon Iwaniszak, the managing director at Red Kite Games, he explained in the press release that they’re going to retain what was originally demonstrated back at E3 2014 but will deliver on the promise of making a quality action-shooter, saying…

“For us, Hollowpoint represents the chance for the studio to make a big splash with its first IP,”


“Our intent is to combine expertly crafted combat and exploration fuelled by iconic weapons with a dystopian world stripped of all humanity. Fans of the original concept can be confident that we’ll be creating an exciting and action packed gameplay experience.”

The game received a re-debut trailer from Red Kite Games, who posted up a half-minute teaser showcasing what they’ve worked on so far of the upcoming side-scrolling 3D shooter.

It looks like the game combines typical run-and-gun platforming with cover-based 2.5D shooting. It’s not a bad combination and we don’t get too many games like it.

According to the press release, the developers will be working on fleshing out the game’s 3D procedurally generated levels within the 2.5D gameplay universe, and also giving gamers a big ‘ole boss fight at the end of each level. This means giving gamers both something challenging and distinct when it comes to level construction while also attempting to craft something that retains a level of replayability.

Hollowpoint centers around a group of disruptive mercenaries part of a group known as Hollowpoint. They essentially attempt to deconstruct the mega-corporations that control the world.

You can learn more about the U.K.-based studio and their upcoming take on Hollowpoint by visiting the official Red Kite Games website.


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