House Dating VR: Cute Korean Girl, Sehyun VR Dating Sim Aims To Cure Lonely Hearts
House Dating VR Cute Korean Girl Sehyun

Studio Thug Life figured they could help the lonely gamers of the world by giving them a real Korean girl to date in a virtual world. Their game House Dating VR: Cute Korean Girl, Sehyun is a VR dating sim for the HTC Vive, which is available for $14.99 over on the Steam store.

The object of the game is to rack up Love Points through talking with Sehyun so that she will eventually feel love towards you and kiss you. This involves complementing her, making her feel loved, and engaging with her just like you would a romance visual novel, which results in her acting mode “adorable”.

You can see how the dating sim operates with the launch trailer below.

The best part about it is that you can play House Dating VR: Cute Korean Girl, Sehyun from a seated position, allowing you to free up your limbs.

You can collect Cards for your album, along with Kisses for your Kiss Album. The objective is to get nine kisses to complete the album.

Strangely there are no reviews available for House Dating VR, so there’s no way to know right now how good or how bad the game is, or whether or not there’s enough content to justify the $14.99 price tag.

The game is fairly hefty, requiring 12GB of space. So there must be quite a few FMV clips jam packed therein.

It does sound like it offers more choice and replayability than EVR Studio’s ProjecM: Daydream, which is another pseudo-dating sim.

The game has pretty good graphics, complete with boob physics.

However, various reviewers note that ProjectM: Daydream is pretty short, not worth the $5, and has very little actual content to interact with.

The general rating is positive on the Steam store, but there are a lot of detailed negative accounts of the game, or the lack of gameplay. Nevertheless, it shows that there’s definitely a growing trend of VR dating sims themed around dating Asian women, so don’t be surprised if this genre begins to blossom, since it seems to be one of the few outlets for VR that people are actually interested in.


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