HuniePop Nude Mod Download Makes The Game Even More Lewd
Huniepop Nude Mod
(Last Updated On: December 26, 2017)

There’s a new mod available for download for HuniePot’s HuniePop. The mod is a super lewd nude mod, which strips the girls of their clothing even during the puzzle segments, and adds some other flavorful additions to the designs for those who need the game to be even naughtier than before.

Modder dakota2020 put together the mod and posted up on the Undertow Club. You can download the full 278.3MB nude patch by grabbing it from the page.

To make use of the mod simply unzip the contents into the main /huniepop_data/ folder located in the Steam app directory for HuniePop. It’s really that simple.

So what does the mod do? Well, it makes the girls nude… all the time, basically.

Not only that, but the mod adds a few additional accessories and tattoos to the female cast members, ranging from the moderately lewd to the overtly perverse.

At the moment you should be warned that the mod was designed for version 1.0. So if you already have 1.2 installed it won’t work with the later updates. You may have to downgrade in order to get the mod to work properly.

Dakota2020 does mention that there is an updated version of the mod in the works, and it will be made available as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, if you want to make use of the mod you’ll need to ensure that you have 1.0 installed.

These kind of mods are only available off-site as opposed to being shared and spread across the Steam forums, puritanical Christian groups came down hard on Valve over the course of the summer for allowing games like House Party and Strangers In A Strange Land on the storefront, uncensored. Valve was forced to enforce their TOS and blockade developers from issuing uncensored patches through the Steam store or the forums.

However, the community has stayed vigilant, and will continue to help the gaming community increase their faptitude with lewd mods and nude patches.

If you have HuniePop you can grab the nude mod right now, but if you don’t have the game it’s discounted by 75% off on the Steam store during the Steam Winter Sale.

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