Isle Of Man TT Debut Trailer Mixes Poetry With First Look At Laser-Scanned Track
Isle of Man TT
(Last Updated On: December 26, 2017)

Big Ben Interactive Kylotonn released a new trailer featuring near two minutes of in-engine footage for their upcoming game, Isle of Man TT. The game is due for release in March of 2018, and is based on a real life, legendary race that’s held each year since 1907.

Kylotonn is recreating an official simulation of the race using an exact 1:1 replica of the course based on a photogrammetrical laser-scan of the real life track. The course features 200 turns and sports more than 60.72km of track to race across.

The debut trailer for the game features a poem from motorcycle enthusiast and journalist, Nancy Von Short, who is a 15-year veteran of the sport. You can check out the debut trailer, which is accompanied the poem, in the video below.

The trailer unfortunately doesn’t give us any look at the actual in-game play. Besides, it’s still four months out from release so we’ll likely get to see some of the gameplay closer toward release, likely at some point in January.

Kylotonn’s last outing was WRC 7, which actually managed to capture the attention of the racing enthusiast and sim racing community due to its high quality and huge step up over the last WRC. This shows that Kylotonn has definitely improved their standards and are aiming to hit the big leagues against Codemasters, Turn 10 Racing and Polyphony Digital.

Given that the car-racing genre is duly occupied with plenty of competitors, it’s nice to see that Kylotonn will be tackling the two-wheeled motorsport discipline with Isle of Man TT. The real challenge will be with separation and making sure that it’s not another MotoGP clone or MXGP wannabe.

The developers will have a chance to rival the likes of Milestone and their motorcycle sims when Isle of Man TT makes its debut on the PS4, PC and Xbox One starting in March of 2018.

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