Kill! Kill! Kill! Stylized Fighting Game Lands On PS4 In Japan December 19th
Kill Kill Kill
(Last Updated On: December 14, 2017)

Arc System Works and Dojo Games announced recently that the hack-and-slash fighting game, Kill! Kill! Kill! will be arriving on the PS4 starting December 19th. The game is designed so that you don’t have to memorize a deep collection of complex button mechanics and systems, but it’s still deep enough so that players who value skill over button mashing can still excel.

It’s based on Dojo Games’ Slice, Dice, And Rice, which came out earlier in the spring on Steam, but thanks to Arc System Works stepping in the Japanese version features all new online support, and added multiplayer functionality. rolled out some basic details on the game explaining how the first character profiles have been posted up on the official website, and showcased some screenshots that give you a look at the player cards and a few of the playable cast of characters. The art and thematics look a lot like something out of Afro Samurai, but the gameplay is a fast-paced, 2D fighter using 3D models. You can check out the trailer below.

As you can see, you can block, attack, string together combos and counter moves using a parry function. The real trick here is that there are no health bars. You’ll have to time your attacks and strike swiftly.

As mentioned up above, how you perform these actions are mapped out in simplistic ways so that you can easily and conveniently pull off complex maneuvers without inputting complex button combinations.

There’s also a robust online mode, featuring duel matches for quick games, custom games, and private games.

As the video showcases, there are eight playable characters, featuring two hot chicks and several other badass looking dudes.

The Bushido Blade style of combat where it relies on single-hits and strikes to take an opponent down and counter-strikes to keep the match going is a nice change of pace from the typical life-bar oriented fighting games we’ve been receiving lately.

If you’re interested in this new stylized fighter from Dojo Games and Arc System Works, you can look to get your hands on a digital copy in Japan come December 19th.

You can learn more about Kill! Kill! Kill! by visiting the official website.

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