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Nintendo surprised plenty of gamers by announcing that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Champions’ Ballad was available for the Switch as downloadable content during The Game Awards 2017 event. This happened while they also managed to win a GOTY award for the game, cementing that not only did Nintendo make a comeback in sales with the Switch, but they also managed to score serious critical acclaim for their launch title. Well, for gamers who picked up the Champions’ Ballad DLC, a gameplay walkthrough guide is available.

YouTuber Shirrako has a lengthy playlist for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the newest DLC might only span six videos but they’re each well over an hour each. The DLC for this game is big enough to be a game in itself. You can check out the video playlist below.

In order to start the first part of the Champions’ Ballad, you’ll need to head back to the Shrine of Resurrection and return the slate to its terminal.

A number of side-quests will also be made available.

You can quickly get back to the Shrine of Resurrection by teleporting to the Great Plateau’s tower.

Travel up the pathway into the cave and activate the terminal with the Sheikah Slate. It will add some new locations to your map.

Take the funky looking weapon to trigger cutscene.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Divine Weapon

The weapon is pretty lame. It can kill anything within a single hit, but the wielder also dies in a single hit. You can only use the weapon twice within a given time span.

The objective is to travel to the four designated locations and defeat the monsters using the divine weapon.

The first monster is just below the Shrine of Resurrection in the forest of the Great Plateau.

He’s on top of a tree. You can glide to him and hit him with the Divine Weapon. However, keep in mind that he has lookouts on top of the surrounding trees, along with bats that will attack you. Remember, one hit and you die, so plan out your tactics to take him down like you’re playing Hitman.

It’s best to land on the fractured tree across from the boss, and take out the lookout on top of the splintered tree. Glide over to the tree and climb up to kill the boss. Proceed to take out the rest of the minions in the area and a special shrine will emerge. Go inside to complete the trial of the Yowaka Ita Shring.

Travel to the next location on the map, still located within the Great Plateau.

Kill the lizards and the Rohta Chigah Shrine will emerge.

The trick to the puzzle inside the shrine is to use the platforms to get across the alternating floor of spikes. You can use the magnet to move the platforms around. Remember, don’t touch the spiked floors or you’ll die instantly.

In the next room, use the Stasis ability to freeze the gears and run past the spikes using the conveyor belts.

In the next room, use the hand glider to glide past the swinging spiked balls.

In the next room you’ll have to Indiana Jones your way through a series of spiked traps. Don’t be too hasty, as sometimes the spikes will come from odd positions just to throw you off.

Once you complete the second trial you’ll encounter the accordio -playing bird, Kass.

You can listen to his song if you want before teleporting south to take on the last two shrines.

Head down into the valley and defeat the lizards. There are quite a few of them.

Once they’ve been dispatched a shrine will appear.

Go inside the Ruvo Korbah Shrine and battle the Guardian. Use the Divine Weapon on it to kill it instantly.

Go up to the next floor and continue to defeat all the other miniature Guardians.

Keep the Divine Weapon handy because you’ll have to fight several more of the enemies leading up toward the end.

The last and final of the four is located up the icy mountain.

It’s a hard shrine to unlock because you’ll need to take out some frost bats guarding the area. If you take them out first it’ll make it easier to dispatch the other foes. Once that’s complete the Etsu Korima Shrine will be unlocked.

It’s a stage about patience and lighting. Use the lights to navigate through the obstacle course and get to the end of the stage. There are a few enemies inside you’ll have to fight as well, so dispatch them and get to the end. Once yo uexit the shrine the Divine Weapon will burst into fragments and scatter throughout the land.

You’ll have to head to each of the four locations marked on the map to complete the next challenge in the Champions’ Ballad.

Travel across the map to the first location. You’ll have to battle a giant Guardian along the way.

Climb up the hill to find Kass there with his accordion.

The ancient monument will reveal a location on a map on one of the tablets, as indicated in the image below.

In order to complete the segment you’ll have to fight the brute of the sand, chase rings upon the land, and throw the orb underground.

Go to the shrine just outside Gerudo town to fight the brute and then eventually head into Kieve Tala Shrine. You’ll need to face off against Molduking

When fighting the Molduking, make sure you wait for him to pop out of the ground and then use explosives to knock him on his belly. Proceed to whack away on him when he’s tipped over. Get your distance once he gets back up and starts diving underground again.

Inside the Kieve Tala Shrine, use the boxes as conductors for the green current. Places them in between the electronic nodes. Additionally, you can wrap the ball and chain around the poles to work as a conductor as well.

Use the small boxes to connect the two points just before the giant ball and chain, and then use the large box to connect final two nodes. In order to get the bos to stay, you’ll have to use the ice block in the water to raise a platform for the large box to sit on.

The second puzzle requires you to line up the four rods so that they connect both sides together.

It can be tedious due to the timing.

When you finish you’ll come out of the Daqo Chisay Shrine.

Ride one of the sand creatures around the Gerudo Town desert and race through the blue circles to unlock the Takama Shiri Shrine.

Get across the two blocks and then connect them to the transistors.

Once you complete the task you’ll have to throw the orb underground.

Travel to the Kuh Takkar Shrine Shrine and head into the pit between Vatorsa Snowfield and Sapphia’s Table.

Get the bomb from within the clan hideout and throw it into the open pit.

This will activate the Kihiro Moh Shrine.

When you complete the shrine, head to the Divine Beast to complete the Naboris memories trial.

You’ll have to fight Thunderblight Canon for your troubles.


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