Legend Of Zelda: Sins Of Hyrule Orchestrated Remix Album Now Available
Legend of Zelda Sins of Hyrule
(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Rozen’s Sins of Hyrule album, a collection of orchestrated remixes and rearrangements based on popular songs from The Legend of Zelda franchise. However, after listening to the album, I can safely say that this isn’t just one of the best video game remix albums out there, it’s one of the best musical albums you’ll likely hear all year long, especially if you enjoy quality-made symphonic pieces that put melody and harmony above modulation and synthetic emulation.

The Materia Collective announced that Sins of Hyrule is currently available across a number of formats, including a digital album available for only $10, a compact disc with a six-panel digipak featuring designs from Alderion-al and Diego Jimenez for $25, and a vinyl featuring two LPs and a bonus digital version for $40. The vinyl won’t be shipping until March 1st, 2018 next year and it will be limited to only 200 copies, so you would likely have to pre-order now to get your hands on it when it finally does ship.

There was also a limited edition signed and numbered CD, but it’s all sold out.

Sins of Hyrule by Rozen

The album contains 15 tracks composed by Rozen, every song on the album seems to attempt to outdo the previous song for being the best song on the album. You can view the list below.

01. The Ancient Battle (feat. Laura Intravia)
02. Ballad of the Goddess
03. A King is Born
04. Gerudo Legend (feat. Julie Elven)
05. Song of Hylia
06. Battle for the Sacred Realm
07. Monarchy in Shadows (feat. London Strings)
08. Thief Reborn
09. King of Light and Shadow (feat. ETHEReal String Orchestra)
10. Dark Lord Ganondorf
11. Breath of the Wild
12. Castle in Ruins
13. Calamity
14. Ganon’s Requiem
15. Sins of Hyrule

You can also listen to a preview of the album, courtesy of Bandcamp.

Hands down, this album is a technical showcase of an auricular masterpiece.

Rozen explained in the press release…

“More than a straightforward orchestral remix album, this album goes deeper into retelling the mythos of Hyrule, scoring the key moments where humanity is the audience to the colossal battles between light and shadow,”


“Through the use of live instruments, huge percussion, choir, hybrid elements, and dreamy vocals, experience the dark nature and the never-ending cycle of the curse trapped inside the divine-given Triforce.”

Some of the Materia Collective albums are hit or miss, but Sins of Hyrule is a hit, through and through. This is easily one of my favorites and I’ll likely continue listening to it well into 2018.

You can purchase a digital or physical copy for yourself from Bandcamp.

You can purchase digital-only copies from Spotify or the iTunes app store.

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