Life Is Feudal: MMO Open Beta Live, Full Launch Set For January 2018

Looking for a new MMORPG to play? Bitbox has two ways that you can sign up and play Life is Feudal: MMO’s open beta. The game is currently in Early Access and will launch for PC via Steam in January 2018.

It’s safe to be a little leery or to be out right skeptical about a Steam Early Access game. a lot of them never come out of Early Access and usually sport more problems as they go along in development.

If you want to give Life is Feudal: MMO a chance you can read over the official description below:

“Hardcore and realistic, Life is Feudal: MMO showcases medieval life on a grand scale. Players will use survival skills, immersive RPG features, a thriving economy, community building, diplomacy and warfare to survive and flourish in the unforgiving world of Abella.”

If you want to test Life is Feudal: MMO’s open beta you can, but there’s a catch. To join in you must posses the Founder Pack or you must be with the LiF:YO to join in:

More details on the open beta and what it has to offer lies over on

If, however, your interest has been piqued by Life is Feudal: MMO’s concept, actual gameplay depicting what can be done in the world of Abella is split between two videos.

The first video stands as a typical announcement trailer, showing off the world and other gameplay mechanics in a “presentable” way. You can watch the one minute and 13 second long video by Life is Feudal below.

The second video aims to tell a guide-like story on how to leave newbie island. No combat scenes happen to be in the video trailer, but if you want to build on what Life is Feudal: MMO has to offer, I think that understanding newbie island will help shape your opinion on the game a bit better.

Life is Feudal: MMO will launch for PC via Steam in January 2018, however there’s an open beta through Steam Early Access that’s live over on


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