Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 3 Walkthrough And Choices
Life is Strange Before The Storm Episode 3 Walkthrough
(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Deck Nine Games is finally ending the prequel for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm with the third episode. The episode is now available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The third episode concludes the events that have transpired throughout the first two episodes leading into Dontnod Entertainment’s Life Is Strange. For gamers looking to get a little help with the decision making and choices in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Episode 3: Hell Is Empty, there’s a walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber MKIceAndFire did a walkthrough for the third episode, which you can check out below.

Rachel’s dad reveals that the woman that Rachel thought that her dad was cheating on her mother with, is actually her birth mother named Sera. Yep, Life Is Strange just pulled a 1998 episode of Jerry Springer on everybody.

The game puts you into a viewfinder dreamscape where you can look at the memories of Chloe’s father.

It’s revealed that Rachel’s dad sends Sera money every month and has kept separated from her since her drug addiction nearly ruined their lives. For 15 years Sera hadn’t seen Rachel.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm Episode 3 - Sera The Drug Addict

The first decision of the game is to either support Rachel or not in meeting her mother.

You can talk to James who will then ask Chloe to try to get through to Rachel. You can either acquiesce to what James wants or check him on telling the truth to Rachel from now on.

You can then talk to Rose – asking if she needs help or apologizing how the night turned out.

After talking to Rose and James, you can then proceed upstairs to talk to Rachel.

When you go upstairs there’s a nightlight on the stand. Unplug it and then move over to the first-aid box and pull the flashlight out of the box. Go back over to the night lamp and put the lamp on the flashlight.

You can also edit Rachel’s journal and either add anatomy or herbology as an entry.

Activate Rachel to get her attention for the makeshift light show.

After Rachel says that all the stars are dead and lies you can either say that they’re still beautiful or that the stars suck.

Rachel will then want to track down her mom, and you’ll have the choice of mostly helping her find her mom and offering her a ride to her mom.

During the dream sequence, you can either go along with Chloe’s dads make pretend on stage or you can call him out on it. He’ll ask about Shakespeare’s quote about the stage… and you just have to tell him that the world is just a stage. Chloe’s dad will then tell her that the lies people tell themselves and each other is sometimes easier to swallow than the truths they keep hidden beneath the surface.

When Chloe calls Frank to ask about Sera, tell him that meeting her is really important and he says that he’ll meet Chloe in two hours at the junkyard.

Chloe will have to blow two hours. You can check out the computer for news and a few other things around the room.

When you get done moseying around the room and listening to Chloe’s less-than-insightful introspective ramblings, you can then exit the room and go into the bathroom.

You’ll find Chloe’s pirate towel in the bin on the bottom shelf along with some hair dye that SJWs love to use.

Once Chloe gets done taking a shower and dying her hair, you can then choose her outfit.

After picking out the clothes and doing all the basic body maintenance required to keep human hygiene levels at an acceptable level, you’ll need to go grab some of William’s tools.

Head downstairs and David and Chloe’s mom will be dancing. David will address Chloe, and you will be able to either address David or choose to talk directly to Chloe’s mom. If you choose to ignore David and ask Chloe’s mom how she is enjoying mother’s day.

David will have a talk with Chloe, and say that he’ll begin to trust her from now on. You’ll have the choice of either saying great plan or accusing David of going through Chloe’s things. If you choose to accuse David, Chloe’s mother will interject and say she talked to him about it. David will then offer Chloe a picture of him and his friend Phil. You’ll also have a choice to either accept the photo or reject the photo, which will change the relationship between Chloe and David.

You’ll need to fix up the truck using the toolbox. You’ll need different tools for each part of the engine.

Use the screwdriver to scrap the gunk off the distributor cap.

Use the pliers on the battery post to tighten the wires.

Reattach the distributor wires.

Use the wrench to tighten the belt at the front of the engine.

Take out the fuel filter. Blow out the fuel filter.

The spark plug will also be busted and Chloe will automatically repair it.

When Frank arrives he comes with Damon. You can either tell him you’re cool, or to eff off. There is no option to just tell Damon that Sera is Rachel’s mother, but then the over-dramatic, soap opera style fight sequence won’t happen.

In the end, Rachel will hit Damon with a 2×4 and Damon will stab her somewhere. It’s hard to tell because the camera angle is sloppy and the fight looks terrible.

In the end, Chloe takes Rachel to the hospital.

Life is Strange Before The Storm Episode 3 - Chloe In The Hospital

During the next segment, James will talk to Chloe. You can either evade his questions or be honest about what happened.

If you’re honest with James then he will tell Chloe it’s not her fault and that he will attempt to get her back into Blackwell.

You can talk to Mikey and Drew’s dad, and then go in and talk to Mikey and Drew, along with signing Mikey’s cast.

Once you get done in the room with Mikey and the gang, head out to the hall and talk to Rose. From there you can then go into the room and talk to Rachel.

During the talk with Rachel, she will want Chloe to break into James’ office using the code: 0722

Rachel wants Chloe to contact Sera.

Chloe will head to James’ office, and you’ll find the key for the lock on the bookshelf to the left.

The key opens the locked drawer on the desk.

Inside are all of Sera’s letters to Rachel that James didn’t give to Rachel. There’s also a phone with communications between James and Damon, revealing that the two have been working together.

It turns out that James wasn’t completely honest about Sera, and he’s the typical embodiment of how all SJWs view straight white men in fictional media these days.

Go over to the drawer with the evidence.

Take a picture of the glove and send it to Damon.

Damon will want you to destroy the glove.

Take the glove and use it with the waste basket to burn it.

Damon will then want to know who snitched him out.

Use the map to figure out who the informant is.

You can accuse Thunder and Damon will accept him as the informant.

Damon will then want a picture of the money. You’ll find the money behind the white book stack.

Eliot will show up and attempts to question Chloe about her relationship with Rachel. You can either tell him that it’s none of his business or explain to him the truth and tell him about Rachel’s mother.

Keeping with the theme of making all white males evil in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, Eliot magically turns violent and starts hollering at Chloe and breaking things wanting to “help her”. You can attempt to get past him or use the phone to call to 911 to tell them that you’re at the Amber house, and that you need help, and that you feel threatened, and to help you now.

The police will show up and likely beat the crap out of Eliot and throw him in jail for a few nights where Bubba and Tyrone will give Eliot a lesson in prison yoga… for his butthole.

Chloe will race out of the house and get run off the road where she’ll have a conversation with her dad.

Chloe’s dad is the only truly decent guy in the game, but he’s dead so it doesn’t count.

After Chloe goes inside the warehouse, take the knife out of the wooden post. Damon will beat the crap out of Chloe, Sera and Frank.

During the next sequence Frank will somehow have defeated Damon with just one arm. It doesn’t make any sense, but the writers probably didn’t think that segment through. Sera will try to convince Chloe to never tell Rachel about what James did.

During the conversation you can attempt to convince Sera to meet Rachel, but she will leave… unless you give Sera the bracelet that you got from Episode 2 when you had the choice of either asking for the bracelet or kissing Rachel.

The scene will fade to Chloe visiting Rachel in the hospital.

Life is Strange Before The Storm Episode 3 - Moment of Truth

The last big moment of the game is a sequence where you’ll have a moment of truth to either tell Rachel everything, or you protect Rachel from the truth.

The choice will obviously affect the ending of the episode.

Eliot will be kicked out of Blackwell for turning into a strange creeper, and Rachel and Chloe will ride off into the sunset… literally.

However, Rachel will stay in Arcadia Bay, which leads up to her death in the original Life Is Strange.

Chloe will also dye her hair full purple and blue, completing her transition into a hipster SJW.

If you want to see how some of the alternate choices play out, you can check out GamerrZombie’s video below.

If you choose to tell Rachel everything then James and Rose’s life will fall apart, and Rachel will leave them for good.

If you chose to escape past Eliot instead of getting him arrested, then he’ll still be at Blackwell and won’t have to worry about meeting Tyrone and Bubba in prison. You’ll have saved the sanctity of a soy boy’s pooper shooter.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm Episode 3 - Rachel Meets Sera

If you gave Sera the Bracelet during the talking segment that Chloe had with Sera in the burned down mill, then during the final ending sequence when Rachel and Chloe are sitting on the bench near the lighthouse, Sera will bring a flower with her and will be wearing Rachel’s bracelet that you gave her during the conversation, thus allowing Rachel to finally meet her mom for the very first time in 15 years.

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