Marvel Rising Goes Full SJW And Some Fans Are Perturbed

Marvel Rising

Marvel Entertainment was supposed to move away from the SJW politics this past fall… or at least that was the hope that many fans had. However, Marvel neither moved away from the SJW stories – despite the sales tanking horribly – nor did they truly bring back the quality stories featuring the original Marvel heroes that many fans hoped would come back. The PR ruse to lure fans back in only to throw a curve-ball at them by continuing to move down the path of SJWism was further cemented into the ground with Marvel Rising.

Basically, Marvel Entertainment is going all-in on their Social Justice Warrior heroes: Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan, American Chavez, Inferno, Exile, Squirrel Girl, Daisy Johnson, and Ghost-Spider/Spider-Gwen.

Essentially, the new multimedia endeavor is a collection of second-tier heroes with third-rate comic book sales. Nevertheless, this particular project focuses on the new heroes instead of reinventing the old ones as SJW-envisioned caricatures, so it’s not quite as terrible as some might have originally thought.

The Marvel Rising endeavor will start with six, four-minute short films and will then have a full length feature film rolled out at some point in 2018, according to Coming Soon.

Marvel rolled out a spotlight featurette for the upcoming shorts and feature film, giving fans a look at the diverse voicecast.

There are a few typical pseudo-fans excited about the diverse cast, and Marvel pushing for more multicultural representation…

(I didn’t know body pillows had preferences?)

…and then there are the real fans, who have been continually migrating over to DC for their super hero fix, since Marvel seems intent on turning their brands into little more than propaganda platforms.

Media outlets who have been encouraging Marvel to become more “diverse” are easily getting behind this new multimedia initiative, but fans aren’t so willing.

This has been an ongoing issue for Marvel since 2012 and has continually escalated in recent times.

Fans originally got their hopes up when Marvel said they would be bringing back the classics in the fall, but then the company seemed to double-down on the SJW content following actual backlash from retailers who were complaining about sales drop-offs and losing business due to Marvel’s antics. The opinion of a more cynical pessimist might purport that Marvel is purposefully sabotaging the comic book industry.

On the upside, the company did recently replace the editor-in-chief responsible for putting the company’s comic book content on the road to SJWism. Whether or not the new editor-in-chief will pick up where the last one left off, or if he will attempt to right the ship before sales tank further remains to be seen.

However, it appears as if fans will no longer have to worry solely about Marvel’s comic book content being propaganda laden, but will also have to worry about the animated films going the same direction when Marvel Rising launches in 2018.

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