Some Of Marvel’s SJW Comics Are Getting Cancelled

America Chavez

Retailers have been complaining to Marvel all year long about awful sell-throughs for the sociopolitically-charged (and basically full-Left leaning) comic books that have done little more than turn fans away from their favorite hobby. Well, reports have surfaced indicating that some of Marvel’s most notorious SJW comic books are getting canceled heading into the new year.

The website i09 is speculating that among the cancelled SJW comic books is America Chavez, a comic book about a strong, independent, inter-dimensional, lesbian Latina who doesn’t need a man.

The comic book has been derided all across comic book fandom by actual comic book readers, but Chavez has been put front and center in the comic book and social marketing space by Marvel’s comic book heads.

The speculation from i09 derives from a March solicitation posting for Marvel’s upcoming 2018 slate that was published on December 19th, 2017 by Bleeding Cool. Several Social Justice Warrior-themed comic books were missing from the line-up, including America Chavez.

What has been confirmed is that Gwenpool is one of the comic books coming to an end, with editor Heather Antos confirming the news via a tweet.

This spawned some anger and resentment toward Marvel from some of the handful of people who bought the comic.

Gwenpool wasn’t alone, however.

The re-imagined homosexual version of the Iceman comic book is also getting the axe.

The report includes a tweet from writer Sina Grace, who also confirmed that Marvel has put the gay rendition of Iceman’s comic book run under the guillotine. You can read the note from Grace toward the fans about the cancellation below.

If you’re unable to view the tweet, it states…

“Yup. Iceman is coming to a close. I am supremely bummed out, but was given plenty of notice (& even a Hail Mary or two). Everyone [at] Marvel has been super supportive, but at the end of the day, solo x-titles are a hard sell for retailers…


“There’s part of me that wants to suggest fans do a campaign, or rally by hella ordering the 1st collected edition, but I’ve had the ride of my life, and the ending planned feels so good (I’ve known it since issue one). This isn’t my end [at] Marvel, so maybe we accept, and learn to fight passionately about the things we love? I just don’t want you to feel cynical – apathy will ruin everything.


“All my love to folks who read the book. You dudes, dudettes & all in between are so, so, so, so, so, so rad. I gave the book everything, and I don’t regret anything.”

According to ComicChron, Iceman sold 15,743 copies in July. It sold 14,056 copies in August. It sold 13,267 copies in September. It sold a surprising 34,200 in October. But then it dropped all the way down to 12,677 in November.

The sales were dwindling quite quickly even over a short four month period.

According to The Comic Kid, he believes that the new Marvel editor-in-chief, CB Cebulski, is purging the poor-selling SJW comic books out of Marvel’s line-up heading into the new year.

Now it hasn’t been confirmed yet that America Chavez is completely finished, but comic book fans are cheering and weeping in happiness about the news, hoping that Marvel will go back to making compelling and well-written stories that don’t read like Tumblr fan-fiction.

Marvel, however, has not given up on Chavez.

Despite the lack of confirmation regarding the comic book run coming to a close, the company did recently tweet out that the lesbian-Latina will be making her debut in Marvel Puzzle Quest, possibly as a means of compensation for the comic book series potentially coming to an end.

Once again, fans of the game (and comics) were not pleased with Chavez making an appearance in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

The comics starring Chavez have actually sold even worse than the homosexual run of Iceman, with her latest solo outing only moving 8,360 units in November, which had dropped by nearly a thousand readers from back in September.

Essentially, it’s quite obvious that the executives at Marvel’s comic arm are finally pulling the long overdue trigger on executing the runs on some of the poor-selling SJW comic books. However, there’s still the issue of their animation department dedicated to embracing their SJW-oriented characters with Marvel Rising, which is due out in 2018.

[Update 12-27-2017:] It’s been confirmed that She-Hulk has also been cancelled, joining Luke Cage, Ice-Man, Gwenpool and various others. The news was confirmed by writer Mariko Tamaki, who penned a letter to fans via Twitter acknowledging the cancellation, which ends with issue #163, according to NewsRama.

For those unable to read the letter, it states…

““For those of you asking online, yes, it is true, #163 will be my final issue with She-Hulk. That said, these issues coming up are my favorite issues! We wanted to leave this series with Jen/She-Hulk ready for all the things she has ahead of her, and I think we’ve done that. Also, we’ve included some more Hulk Smashing, for kicks.


I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to write this character through some serious challenges. I worked with an incredible team and collaborated with incredible artists on this series, and I can’t wait to tell you the stuff we are working on next! Which I cannot. As it is obviously top secret. Or I would tell you. But it is awesome”

The next issue, #161, drops in January and will continue until its conclusion with #163.

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