Minds Crypto Token Monetization Goes Live In 2018
Minds Crypto
(Last Updated On: December 29, 2017)

Minds CEO and founder, Bill Ottman, announced that the social media network is taking the next step in becoming a major force to be reckoned with as an advent of free-speech and socialization in today’s digital age. In a blog post published on December 28th, 2017, Ottman announced that Minds will be launching a crytop token monetization service during the first quarter of 2018.

Ottman explained…

“Coming very soon in the first quarter of 2018, we will extend our monetization system with crypto. The Minds Token will run on the distributed blockchain and will be immediately usable throughout the platform with Wire, Boost and our user reward system.


“Our commitment is to deliver the best crypto-powered social network in the world, and we are on track to launch in 1Q 2018.”

The blog post takes direct shots at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

All three of the major social media and content media networks have succumbed to what many see as Leftist authoritarianism, also known as the ideology of the Regressive Left.

Facebook, at one point, was censoring and filtering Conservative viewpoints. They fired those employees and claim that filters are now automated by an AI.

Twitter has consistently been censoring Conservatives and openly using shadowbanning for groups of people they don’t like.

Google has been filtering YouTube with the highly censorious Limited State Content policy, which effectively makes a video practically inaccessible.

These companies committing treason against the integrity of America’s freedoms sees them constantly hiding behind privatization claims, but it has also riled up and annoyed enough people to have them begging for a large-scale alternative. Sadly, Vidme is not that alternative. Gab.ai is still trying to get their footing, and Minds appears to want to grab the digital ecosystem by the horns and wrangle it into their bidding. We’ll see how well their blockchain crypto experiment works when it goes live during the first quarter of 2018.

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