Nakiti Generations, Sci-Fi Metroidvania Enters Early Access On Steam
Nakiti Generations
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Diablohead announced that Nakiti Generations has officially entered into Early Access on Steam. The game is currently available for only $6.99 as it makes its way through the Early Access development period.

According to the Steam page the game will only be in Early Access up until April of 2018, where it’s expected to graduate and become a fully featured title.

Nakiti Generations puts players in the role of Nakiti, after the Horizon space station comes crashing back down to Earth. Players will attempt to discover what happened and whether or not Nakiti is the only survivor on the planet. You can check out the Early Access trailer for the game below.

The game may have a lot of similarities with games like Castlevania and Super Metroid, but it also brings a few new tricks of the trade to the table, such as being able to push objects to reach new areas, or destroying objects to get past certain obstacles.

Graphically, the game hearkens back to the old days of using quality sprite work for the animations, and designs reminiscent to classics like Generations Lost and Blackthorne.

Nakiti can duck, climb, jump, shoot and traverse through water.

Over the next several months there are plans to add new areas, expand on the level design, and begin to flesh out the story.

The current Early Access build contains a large playable part of the first area. There are plans to update the game on a monthly basis and flesh out the content and story. We’ll see how well Diablohead will be able to maintain the production schedule and keep to the April release when 2018 finally rolls around.

For now, if you’re interested in a game like Nakiti Generations, you can learn more or pick up a digital copy by visiting the Steam store page.

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