You Were Never Really Here Trailer Depicts The Kind Of Film Hitman Should Have Been
You were Never Really Here
(Last Updated On: December 31, 2017)

Some people like the two Hitman movies that were made. I personally thought they were trash. Since then there have been various films that have come out that seemed to capture the bleakness, violence, and raw storytelling that many fans wish could have been properly depicted in the Hitman films. Well, the upcoming flick starring Joaquin Phoenix, called You Were Never Really Here, is a fascinating looking crime-thriller centered around a fixer who kills people, rescues people, and then disappears… a lot like Agent 47.

The core plot sees Phoenix’s character rescuing a man’s daughter from a presumable sex-trafficking outfit. Phoenix, using nothing but finely crafted hammers, efficiently butchers the men and rescues the kid, only to be double crossed.

Thematically it’s like The Equalizer meets Taken, but steeped in the seedy underbelly of political criminality.

If he were bald, wore a suit, had a barcode and carried around a briefcase, this would be a dead ringer for the Hitman film we never received. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of KinoCheck International.

Based on the trailer, it looks like the film seems to unfold with the kind of uneasy grace that we’ve come to expect from Nicholas Winding Refn. Only this time the film is directed by Lynne Ramsay, and Phoenix seems to have more meat to pick from the characterization bone.

Early critic reviews seem to be quite positive, even though the film doesn’t appear to be set for wider release until April, 2018. Then again, we saw how SJW critics railed on Bright for not being “woke” enough, only for the film to garner quite a bit of popularity among action-film aficionados.

It’s such a shame that we don’t see these kind of scripts and directorial dedication applied to video game flicks. There’s always this underlying notion that the films have to be big, loud, dumb, and nonsensical to attract audiences. One would think that after decades of failure (other than Angelina Jolie’s purely tongue-in-cheek take on the Tomb Raider series) that they might switch up the formula and aim for something different?

Super hero flicks will mix it up every once in a while, just like we got the character driven action-drama in the form of Logan early last year, and we had the raunchy action-comedy in the form of Deadpool before that. Somehow video game adaptations get stuck somewhere between the targeted production quality of paste-for-brains or too-coked-to-care.

Anyway, if you decide to watch You Were Never Really Here maybe you can pretend Phoenix is bald; and imagine all of his lines carried out in a gravely stern voice like David Bateson; and constantly picture him in a nice two-piece executive suit; and maybe, just maybe you can get some satisfaction out of it as the Hitman movie that will never be.

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