Nick, VR Survival Game Has Santa Fighting Killer Robot Elves
Nick VR
(Last Updated On: December 5, 2017)

Firstborn Games announced that Nick is currently available for free over on the Steam store. The game is a small roomscale VR survival game where you play as a badass, tattooed up Santa with a rocking shotgun.

The objective of the game is to battle through waves of enemy, robot elves as they storm Santa’s small cabin that’s been boarded up and designed to keep the killer robots out in the cold.

The game is a simple 3D, VR survival title. It’s nothing too special but you can check out the gameplay in the trailer below to see what you’ll be dealing with.

It reminds me a little bit of a Killing Floor mod turned into its own standalone.

Around a year ago Firstborn Games released Nick as a free-to-play, browser game for VR HMDs. You played it through your browser, got in some good times and blasted down some evil robot elves.

They decided to improve on the support and add some additional gameplay elements. Nick has three different difficulty settings, along with a tutorial to help get you on your way, the ability to board up windows and barricade the doors, and plenty of Christmas-themed Easter Eggs to uncover along the way.

The game ends if you allow the evil elves overthrow you or if your workshop’s generator loses power. You can keep the workshop powered by collecting the batteries from the destroyed husks of the robot elves.

It’s not the most sophisticated game out there, but if you were looking for something to add to your library of VR titles, it’s free and there’s literally nothing to lose with this game other than some bandwidth and hard drive space.

If you’re interested in grabbing a copy for your VR headset, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.

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