NieR: Automata Music Album Featuring Arranged And Unreleased Tracks Now Available
Nier Automata Album
(Last Updated On: December 20, 2017)

Under the supervision of composer Keiichi Okabe, a new album based on the music of NieR: Automata is currently available featuring arranged and unreleased tracks from Platinum Games’ 2017 action-RPG for PS4 and PC. is reporting that the two disc set currently features 12 songs on the first disc and eight songs on the second disc.

Various renown arrangers applied their musical talents to the new album, offering gamers a heightened auricular experience for some of the most memorable tracks featured in the original soundtrack, along with some of the tracks that made an appearance in the game that were not originally available on the soundtrack that was sold separately, such as “This Cannot Continue” and “Become A God”, along with “The Intention to Live Life As A Man”.

Nier Automata - Blood and Guts

The listings for the songs on each disc can be viewed below.

Disc 1 (Arranged Track)

01. 遺サレタ場所 Arranged by AJURIKA
02. 穏ヤカナ眠リ Arranged by Cheng Bi meets Masato Ishinari
03. 遊園施設 Arranged by arai tasuku feat.momocashew from Mili
04. 異形ノ末路 Arranged by ATOLS
05. パスカル Arranged by Ryu Kawamura
06. 複製サレタ街 Arranged by LITE
07. 追悼 Arranged by Sachiko Miyano
08. 曖昧ナ希望 Arranged by Takuro Iga
09. イニシエノウタ Arranged by Jun Hayakawa with Atsuki Yoshida(EMO Quartet)
10. エミール Arranged by Morrigan&Lily
11. 顕現シタ異物 Arranged by Yutaka Oyama・Junichi Saito・Yusuke Shima・Jose Colon
12. Weight of the World Arranged by ZANIO

Disc 2 (Unreleased Tracks)

01. 生マレ出ヅル意思/コノママジャダメ
02. Birth of a Wish/This cannot continue
03. 生マレ出ヅル意思/カミニナッタ
04. Birth of a Wish/Become a God
05. 生マレ出ヅル意思/社長(ソロ)
06. 生マレ出ヅル意思/社長(デュエット)
07. 取リ憑イタ業病/カミニナッタ
08. Possessed by Disease/Become a God

The inside jackets for the disc cases will also contain conceptual art from artist Kazuyuki Kota, who designed the image featuring A2 standing on a rubble heap while the dilapidated and empty city lie in ruins throughout the foreseeable distance.

You can purchase the arranged and unreleased tracks album right now from the Square Enix e-Store, Amazon or the Sony Music Shop. For more info or to listen to teasers for the unreleased tracks, you can visit the official Square Enix website.

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