Nightmarchers, Polynesian TPS Has Players Freeing Hawaii From Raiders
(Last Updated On: December 25, 2017)

Wyrmbyte Studios recently announced that they’re working on an upcoming game called Nightmarchers. This game is a third-person, role-playing shooter. You travel around in the campaign mode, blasting down enemies and looting your way into stronger gear.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic re-imagining of Oahu, Hawaii. Now that’s a location you don’t visit often in gaming.

The objective is to scavenge the land for the scarcity of weapons in order to defeat the evil that has ravaged the land. The game promotes different outcomes for different choices and decisions, encouraging different kind of play-styles for different types of players. In fact, the branching gameplay types were outlined in the latest developer diary, which you can check out below.

As showcased in the video, the game dives into Polynesian mythology as players acquire special powers from ancient gods after being captured by the main baddie and subjected to a failed attempt of being executed.

The objective is to take back Hawaii from the marauders, the raiders, the gangs, and the criminals.

As a third-person shooter it looks pretty solid. The gunplay looks especially satisfying, with some strong kickback on the recoil, and some good particle and hit effects when the enemies get peppered from gunfire.

Graphically, the game looks like something Crytek would have built or a new third-person Far Cry. The environments are gorgeous and beautifully illuminated with a strong tropical aesthetic that aims to bring Hawaii to life like never before.

You’ll also have access to a mystical glowing bow, like a Hawaiian version of Rambo unleashing righteous vengeance on his foes.There are also a variety of firearms as well, such as rifles and machine guns, along with explosives.

They also showcase some really awesome abilities, like jumping out of a window and turning into a flying owl, or using a possession ability to commandeer the weak-minded and use them for your own means.

Wymbyte has plans on finishing up the funding drive through Fig. However, yo ucan keep track of the game or learn more by visiting the official Nightmarchers website.

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