Nutaku Investing $13 Million In Latin America, Montreal Adult Game Development
Nutaku Investment

Do you live in Latin America? How about Montreal in Canada? Well, if you happen to be in the development arena making NSFW, adult-themed games containing the kind of sex and nudity that would see your product banned from Steam faster than you can say intersectional progressive stack three times fast, then you might be interested in Nutaku’s new initiative.

Coming off games like Virtual Reality Girls, House Party, and Strangers in a Strange Land being banned from Steam over the last several months, most developers don’t have alternatives for selling their adult-themed games in uncensored fashion. Nutaku, however, offers a safe haven of sorts that allows developers to sell their games digitally on the 18+ storefront.

Not only that but Nutaku also wants to encourage other developers to delve into the developmental corners of depravity, and experiment with games that are outside the norm. Nutaku president, Mark Antoon, mentioned in the press release that they want to bring more diversity to the adult gaming arena, saying…

“The expansion of our investment portfolio into Latin America is an incredibly exciting time for Nutaku as we have the opportunity to empower an entirely underutilized pool of talent,”.


“Traditionally, studios and developers within this region face incredible obstacles while trying to bring their gaming titles to market. Nutaku aims to be a catalyst for adult game development as we continue to rapidly grow our presence as the leading adult gaming portal in the western hemisphere. Part of that responsibility is ensuring equal and fair access to the market while bringing new talent, perspectives and diversity that can only benefit our users’ experience.”

A lot of times a pitch to make adult games falls on deaf ears. The common issue for most developers is that even if they make the game there’s no one to sell to… or rather, no distribution channels willing to risk selling to a mass market.

According to the press release, Nutaku states that 90% of the adult games that are properly distributed manage to make a return on the investment within three months. They’re also promoting their platform that reaches up to 50 million users as a prime market of viability for both established and nascent developers looking to make bank on the adult gaming market.

Additionally, the company outlined what they’re looking to help get funded through the initiative, stating…

“Games considered for adaptation will be judged by a number of metrics with preference for free-to-play, high quality games with strong mechanics already in development. Popular gaming titles in the action, adventure, role-playing, strategy and roguelike genres have been identified by the brand as particularly receptive to the introduction of 18+ content.”

It will be interesting to see what sort of projects come out of this initiative.

With sales and interest seemingly soaring for the adult games market, it comes as no shock that Nutaku would want to leverage that to help grow the adult gaming industry.

You can learn more about the company by visiting the NSFW official Nutaku website or the Kimochi Red Light portal.


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