One Piece Grand Cruise VR Game Coming To PSVR In 2018
One Piece Grand Tour
(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Bandai Namco has been fairly enraptured with the idea of virtual reality. They started up their own VR theme park in called VR Zone Shinjuku, and they’ve been dabbling in a number of projects (mostly in Japan) centered around the virtual reality experience, including a new One Piece game called One Piece Grand Cruise.

A near three minute video was released showcasing what the new VR One Piece title looks like in action, which is set to be made available for the PlayStation VR headset for the PS4. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of the Anime Games Online channel.

The video starts with a gamer putting on the PSVR HMD and then looking around the pirate ship before Luffy hops down and we get an introduction to some of the characters along with some actual gameplay. Unlike other VR games where you’re just a passenger taking a virtual tour of the environment, with One Piece Grand Tour gamers are able to pick up cannons and help the crew battle a giant octopus or ward off incoming attacks from rival pirate ships.

The One Piece Grand Tour is due out on the PSVR in 2018. Additionally, Bandai Namco will be bringing the one Piece Tokyo Tower to the VR zone for normies to experience at the VR park.

One Piece Grand Tour – Nami

Once you get done battling pirates, watching some battle sequences, and defeating a giant octopus, you can head into the cabin area and talk to some of the crew, including getting up close (very close) and personal to Robin and Nami for some one-on-one time.

I’m pretty sure we all know what the selling point for this game will be.

We don’t hear much about the sales of VR HMDs in Japan, but I’m curious how well a project like this will sell when it does become available for the PlayStation VR in 2018? No announcements for a release in the West have been set for One Piece Grand Tour.

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