Police Simulator 18 Delayed To Summer 2018 Release
Police Simulator 18
(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

Astragon Entertainment and Bigmoon Entertainment recently had to make the disappointing announcement that Police Simulator 18 won’t be launching in the January window that they had originally scheduled. The game has been delayed to a summer, 2018 release.

The news comes courtesy of a Steam announcement, where the developers stated…

“ As we are striving to offer you a police simulation that fully matches your expectations, we have come to the conclusion that it will be beneficial for the game to extend its development by a few more months and add as many of your desired elements as possible. It is however therefore unavoidable to postpone the release of our game to summer 2018. As soon as there will be a new concrete release date, we will of course let you know at once.”

A lot of gamers can’t wait to dive into the role of a U.S., police officer. The Unreal Engine 4-powered open-world sim sees players going through the day-to-day motions as a cop on the beat. It’s very similar to the GTA V LAPD mod.

The game allows you to start off as a low ranking officer, allowing you only to perform menial tasks, such as arresting and handcuffing people. As you grow in rank you then unlock the ability to gun people down, just like in real life. They showcase how high-ranking players can shoot perps in the face while driving the cruiser down the streets.

Police Simulator 18 - Arresting A Soy Boy

I imagine some people may see this as a love-letter to the #BlueLivesMatter group, giving gamers a look at what it’s like to be an American police officer.

The Portugal-based developers explain how the mechanics work as well as talk about some of the modding capabilities in the game, such as being able to customize your own livery, and swap out the textures, in an interview with the YouTube outlet nordrheintvplay.

In addition to attempting to include realistic car damage, police protocols, and high-octane action sequences, the game will also feature a two-player cooperative mode for those of you who want to team up and basically recreate Lethal Weapon.

You can learn more about Police Simulator 18 by visiting the Steam store page.

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