Polygon Writer Kieran Shiach Rallies SJWs To Take Down Diversity And Comics’ Patreon
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Kieran Shiach, a contributor for Polygon and Comic Book Resources, has been rallying his followers and others within the SJW community in order to get them to file reports and take down Richard C. Meyer’s Patreon… the same fellow who runs the YouTube Channel Diversity & Comics.

The whole ordeal was spotted by those who keep tabs on Social Justice Warrior movements within the social media space, and they alerted Meyer about it so that he could do a video about it… and he did.

So the gist of it is that Meyer posted up a video to his Diversity & Comics channel making fun of the writer for Iceman, Sina Grace. He made the video shortly after the news broke that Marvel was canceling some of its SJW comic books.

The content in question can be viewed below where you can listen to Meyer’s comments about Sina Grace at the 7:40 mark.

After making the video, Kieran Shiach decided to come to Sina Grace’s aid by rallying the troops to take down Richard C. Meyer’s Patreon account in hopes of getting the Diversity & Comics channel shut down for good.

In a series of tweets on December 26th, 2017, instead of enjoying Christmas Shiach explained to his followers and drive-by Twitter readers why they need kick Meyer out of the comic book community…

“[Meyer] is someone publicly saying that the death of gay men would make society a better place.


“I know people might tell me to let Meyer have his own rot-infested corner of comics but I refuse to let it go unchallenged. This is the person that Rich Johnston and Bleeding Cool is legitimising by placing him on a Top 100 Power List with labels like “divisive.”


“Richard C. Meyer is a bigot with a small but devoted following. We can’t just ignore it, we need to stand against it.”

Schiach’s impassioned speech continued on, where he cited the furry community as an example of a community handling bigotry correctly by excommunicated and excising anyone who doesn’t adopt their worldview, writing…

“When we talk about punching Nazis, it isn’t about hurting them — although that is a plus — it’s about letting them know that no matter where they go their shit isn’t going to be tolerated.


“It applies just as much in online communities as well.


I’m sure @spacetwinks knows more than I do about this, but the furry community seems to be a genuinely great example of a community that took a unified stand against bigots and said “Not here. Never.”


”We need to make these bigots know they are not welcome. Not at our cons and not in our community. We need to get all of their favorite creators to speak out against them. Drive them back to their Bronze Age back-issues.”

As a final act of giving the Social Justice Warriors ammo, he directs them toward Richard C. Meyer’s Patreon account for Diversity & Comics.

Shiach compares the Diversity & Comics community to Trump supporters, saying they “deny things you can hear them say”.

That was enough motivation to get some of the SJWs following Shiach to quickly file reports against Meyer’s channel.

Some of the people in thread attempted to ask why exactly they would want to shut down Meyer’s channels and income? A few more called out Shiach for completely misrepresenting Meyer’s comments. Others defended Meyer, including the administrator of D&C’s Facebook group, who stated that he was gay and friends with Meyer. However, SJWs gaysplained to the D&C admin about throwing other gays under the bus.

Shiach’s antics is nothing new. As pointed out in the Diversity & Comics video at the top of the article by Meyer, the Social Justice Warriors working at DC, Marvel and the media circles have had it out for him and his channel. Previously, the SJWs conspired to harass Meyer at the New York Comic-Con, and they also colluded with Marvel editor Heather Antos to find ways to demonetize his efforts by doxing him and attempting to shut down his Patreon account.

Critical Blast also did an article being critical of the SJWs attempting to start controversy over the comments Meyer made in the Diversity & Comics video.

It’s amazing that these Social Justice Warriors are supposed to be fighting for social justice, but have instead become villains in the story of their own lives.

I attempted to reach out to Kieran Shiach but he has me blocked on Twitter.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)


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