The Punisher Season 2 Coming To Netflix
The Punisher - Season 2 - Netflix

The official Punisher Twitter account tweeted out that the second season of The Punisher is due to drop on Netflix at some point in the not too distant future.

A 14 second teaser was attached to the news, giving hopefuls absolutely nothing to sink their teeth into. You can check it out below.

I skipped out on the first season because I didn’t hear the best and most enthused criticism from fans of the action genre. There were complaints of filler, and a lot of “meh”ing and “ehh”ing, which ultimately meant that this is something that will be viewed on the back burner, rather than on the front burner.

On the Twitter feed the fans were pretty excited about the second season. Many are hoping for more of what was delivered in the first season.

I didn’t hear or see much about any particular fight scene or shootout across social media. I mean, remember the hallway fight scene in the first season of Daredevil? That was plastered all over social media, everywhere. Remember that staircase fight scene where Daredevil had that chained strapped to him in the second season? That was almost everywhere, but definitely talked about.

So far, the most talked about aspect of The Punisher on Netflix has been the trailers. Not a good sign.

Anyway, a lot of the more critical fans are wishing, praying, dreaming that they follow a story closer oriented to the likes of Garth Ennis’ Punisher MAX series, which received wide acclaim and a cult following that still sings praises to Ennis’ visual tome of graphic punishment.

There’s no due date on when the second season of The Punisher will get underway, but expect it at some point in 2018… maybe?

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