Ready Or Not Is Still In Development, Will Hit Steam When It’s Sexy

Ready or Not is a first-person shooter by publisher and developer Void Interactive. The PC game is said to put players in the boots of an elite SWAT team, tasked with diffusing hostile situations in intense, claustrophobic environments.

Ready or Not sounds like a modern continuation of the older Rainbow 6 games and the SWAT series. The title by Void Interactive will explore controversial cases that an elite SWAT team must diffuse, whether it be in a hostile or rational way.

You can further investigate Ready or Not by checking out the older first dev blog and second dev blog, in which the two blog posts are followed by a near two-minute long video reveal trailer.

Looks interesting to you? Well, most people on Ready or Not’s Twitter think that all development has ceased, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, Void Interactive have been working hard on the game.

We learn that when the game becomes “creamy” we will gain more info through dev blog 3. In other words, 2018 has interested gamers covered:

Reaffirming that the team is making progress, Void Interactive let the community know they’re working hard on Ready or Not:

The last piece of information coming from Void Interactive sees that of Ready or Not arriving on Steam when it’s “completely sexy” and nothing less:

Hopefully Ready or Not will see a GOG release alongside its Steam release, which means no DRM. In the meantime though, at least we know that the devs behind this gritty, tactical first-person shooter are still active.

No release date has been set for Ready or Not, same applies for its platform release. The only platform known that this game will hit is PC, but given the game’s control scheme it might be unlikely for a PS4 or Xbox One release.

You can learn more about Ready or Not by visiting

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