Reboant: Rise Of The Nuhort Gameplay Video Shows A Visually Impressive VR Shooter

A recent gameplay video of the upcoming VR shooter from the Chinese devleopment team DarkLord Networking, called Reboant: Rise of the Nuhort, detailed some of the gameplay mechanics, the VR features, and the game’s slightly impressive graphics.

YouTuber Play4Games showcased the sci-fi shooter in action, which starts with a guy inside of a drop ship. After a short interactive segment, he comes out of the pod and joins up with three other players as they begin to take on hordes of mutants. You can check out the video below.

After shooting down some mutants in what appears to be a tutorial stage, the video transitions to the cinematic sequences that gives a short recap of the game world, the characters, and how the world ended up te way it did.

Reboant: Rise of the Nuhort doesn’t look bad, visually. It’s not necessarily pushing immersion to any new heights, but it does look about on par to a typical Western AAA title.

Unfortunately the actual gameplay demo doesn’t really give us much to go on other than that it’s a visually intense game. We don’t know if the game will utilize locomotion or if you’ll get around by zipping and zooping using the jetpacks.

We also don’t get much in the way of the story. We sort of understand what’s going on but not really why or to what end.

Then again, if this is supposed to be a solid run-and-gun shooter for VR headsets that’s light on story but heavy on action… I can’t complain.

The title is due out for the HTC Vive, but we haven’t heard much from DarkLord Networking since the end of July in 2017 when the CEO gave a Q&A interview that was posted on the main website.

I sort of get the feeling that this was more of a tech demo showcase in hopes of the team getting picked up by a larger publisher rather than an actual game that’s nearing completion. According to CEO Jiang Jun, they have only 39 people working on the project and a budget of about $1.5 million USD.

I doubt we’ll be seeing this game arrive on store shelves anytime soon, but if they can actually manage to make a fun game out of the concept you won’t hear me complaining about it… too much.


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