ResetEra Forum User Gets Banned For Being Paranoid Of #GamerGate, Trump, Brexit
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ResetEra Bans
(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

The forum ResetEra was created as an alternative to NeoGaf following the fallout from sexual misconduct allegations aimed at the NeoGaf owner, Tyler Malka. The mods and administrators of NeoGaf left to form their own own little chamber with even stricter rules than NeoGaf. So how strict are the rules? Well, we already know that pro-#GamerGate individuals get banned on sight, but it turns out that if you’re too paranoid of #GamerGate, President Donald Trump, or even Brexit, you can also be banned.

Twitter user Mombot spotted the ban that took place in a thread discussing Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It turns out that the thread devolved from discussing impressions from the previews into complaining about how Nintendo is catering toward gamers by allowing sexy female characters to appear in the JRPG, something that triggered some SJWs on social media.

The image comes from the impressions thread for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, where a user named Fruity Loops – complete with a communist avatar and the LGBTQIA colors – posted the following message on November 28th, 2017 about the game, and the fact that Nintendo stuck to their guns and kept the women looking sexy, instead of making them ugly for Western standards…

“This shit is a huge win for Gamergate. I have said for years that Nintendo was regressive garbage, but people did not listen. This game will embolden the alt-right in a similar fashion as Trump and Brexit did. Zero diversity and blatant misogyny. I am very disappointed and feel incredibly unsafe by the fact that this game is openly celebrated on this forum. To be frank, I would rather allow discussion about JonTron than this. At least with JonTron we can still expose people to his surreptitious white-supremacy agenda that he carefully hides in his videos, but there is very little to be said about this pile of garbage that people with a conscience cannot already see.”

As showcased above the image, the user was banned for one week for inappropriate behavior.

Later on in the thread some users accused Fruity Loops of being too paranoid, and presumably that his paranoia would net him a temporary ban.

Some people rightfully pointed out that getting into massive debates and arguing in tireless fashion about the size of boobs seems fruitless, as pointed out by carlosrox

“People are skipping a game (they want otherwise) because of 2 or 3 character designs?




“I’m not even a particular fan of the character designs myself (I like Rex though) either. I’m more or less indifferent.


“And XBCX everyone said they hated the designs and I found them just fine.


“Fuck do people want? It sounds like Monolithsoft isn’t allowed to make “anime” designs. XBCX and XBC2 both have bad designs now?


“Or this just about the sexualization? I don’t care about that stuff as much as the next guy but it doesn’t offend me or turn me off to the point of skipping a game for it. Geez.”

Whatever you think about the character designs, it appears Nintendo finally decided to stand behind their Japanese developers and allow them to make characters that didn’t get censored and butchered from top to bottom from localization outfits like Treehouse, which ruined games like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Fire Emblem Fates.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available right now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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