Resident Evil 7: End Of Zoe Gameplay Walkthrough
Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe Gameplay Walkthrough

If you were curious about what happened at the end of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in the “good” ending, where Zoe was left on the Baker family ranch, the new DLC End of Zoe covers what happens to Zoe after she gets crystallized by Evie. If you need help with the Resident Evil 7: End of Zoe DLC, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available for the game.

YouTuber Shirrako has a full playthrough for the PlayStation 4 Pro version of Resident Evil 7, which starts with a short cinematic recapping how Zoe was left behind by Ethan and Mia at the Baker family property. When Zoe walks off back into the woods, she crystallizes from Evie’s infection. Two of Umbrella’s men approach her but get knocked out by Zoe’s uncle… uncle Joe. He interrogates one of the men who explains that there’s a cure for Zoe not too far from the shack.

The actual gameplay picks up with players in control of uncle Joe as he attempts to go find a cure for her.

You can press Triangle on the Dualshock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to open your inventory and combine items. When you start off, you’ll only have your bare hands. Use the left and right triggers to throw punches at the zombies.

Zoe’s uncle is one bad mofo who doesn’t need no weapons.

Box the living crap out of the zombie monsters like Amanda Nunes boxed the crap out of Ronda Rousey.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Zoe Crystallized

Follow the linear pathway past the semi-truck and into the cabin.

Cure Type-E will be found on the dead body of an Umbrella soldier. Take it.

Exit the cabin and beat the crap out of more of the zombies.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Cure Type E

Head back to the cabin with Zoe, give her the antidote and a short cinematic will play when a giant maggot monster destroys the cabin and kills the Umbrella soldier.

Take Zoe out of the cabin and to the boat, where another cinematic will play.

Once you reach the the shore past the giant wall, the uncle will take Zoe to another cabin. Move quickly through the swamp area to avoid getting chomped to bits by the alligator.

After putting Zoe down on the couch, head across into the fence and into the base.

Slowly sneak up behind the creature and press the right trigger while crouching when the prompt appears to perform a stealth kill.

You’ll also be able to use the spear to throw it at enemies and kill them instantly. Aim just above where you plan to throw it to compensate for the arch in trajectory.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Maggot Monster

You’ll fight a mini-boss in the form of a big maggot monster. You can kill him. Just keep boxing him until he falls and dies. But he’ll come back, so be prepared.

From there, head into the swamp and use the spears to kill the alligators.

The pathway is quite linear so follow the river around a bend. Just before you get to the part with a large fallen over tree, there’s a pathway you can go up that has a couple of spears. You have to sneak and kill two monsters first before you can get the spears out of the dead alligator’s body.

Inside the gatehouse you’ll find a boxing effigy you can use to upgrade Zoe’s uncle’s abilities.

When you go up onto the gate you’ll also find another effigy just outside on the top of the roof.

Proceed down and into the ship. There will be monsters patrolling about. If you move around cautiously you can sneak up behind them perform a stealth kill. There are also some spears and tree branches located around the cabin area that you can use to create more spears.

Make your way through the boat down into the area with the computer. You’ll have to fight off several monsters. Using stealth to take out the monsters will make it a lot easier to get through the area.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Synthesizes

Reach the computer and activate the synthesizes process until a cinematic plays and the maggot monster comes back.

Fight the maggot monster.

There are a few boxes with scrap metal around, so if you have tree branches you can quickly make some spears.

Don’t hesitate to use the spears on the maggot monster because he’s a hard boss who does not die easy.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Maggot Monster Reprised

Once the maggot monster is defeated, head back through the open passageway and toward the cabin where Zoe is located. Of course, before the uncle can administer Cure Type-E, the maggot monster comes back and steals Zoe away. Another cinematic will play that leads the uncle to another area of the swamp.

Head through the swamp and inside a shack there’s a save game recorder and some craw fish just outside.

Move under the house and take the branch. To the right of the alligator there’s a platform with a spear. Take the spear. You don’t have to kill the alligators. You can actually sneak past both of them by going to the far opposite side of the and slowly moving past them.

Make your way through the swamp and head to your right toward the light and the ladder. You’ll have to move past some more alligators in the swamp. If you pay attention to their pattern you won’t have to use your spear to kill them.

Head through the elevated shacks and encounter some goop monsters. The room inside the shack gets dangerous real quick because they’ll surround you. Don’t hesitate to use a spear to help clear out the room.

Break through the wooden door and head back outside into the swamp. There’s a platform you can climb up just beside an alligator that has several spears on it. Take them.

At the next shake, you’ll have to break through the door once more. Wait for the monster to turn its back before you go inside, this way you can get a stealth kill and preserve your health. You can also perform a stealth kill on the other monster just outside the door.

Continue around the boondocks and past the gated areas into the cemetery.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Sacrilege

The monsters in the cemetery can be difficult because the big bloated thing is hard to kill. It might be best to use your spears on the minions to clear them out so you can focus on the big bloated thing.

Once you kill them all, enter into the church to trigger the cinematic.

Uncle Joe will learn that the maggot monster is actually… Jack!!!

Jack will throw his brother into the coffin and float him out to sea. But uncle Joe is one tough son of a gun. He manages to get free and float down river to the Baker’s house where Umbrella has been fighting the monsters. Once you get up, don’t fight the monsters. Run past the door and head to the end of the pathway where the briefcase is located. Take the bionic power-glove.

Use the glove to beat the crap out of the monsters and to break down the metal door.

Head through Umbrella’s compound and past the baddies.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Jack's Demise

Through the corridor you’ll end back up inside the Baker’s home, where you’ll have one final showdown with Jack.

Don’t try to charge the fist too much because it takes a long time and you’ll likely lose a lot of life in the process. Instead, focus on quick combos to wear Jack down and dodge his attacks. Counter-attacks work best because he strikes slow, and so long as you use fast attacks and block his normal attacks.

Be sure to focus on dodging his heavy blows to preserve your life.

Once he goes down the final time a cinematic will play and his head will get popped like a pin in a balloon.

Another cinematic will play showcasing Zoe and uncle Joe reuniting.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Joe and Zoe

The deflated Chris Redfield will step back into the picture, telling the Umbrella men to stand down.

Chris helps Zoe get better and removes her crystallization.

Once that’s all done and over with, Zoe gets a call from Ethan, telling her that he said he would send help because he always keeps his promises. After the phone call, the credits roll.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe - Zoe


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