Robothorium, Tactical Roguelike RPG Basically Puts Players In The Role Of Skynet


Goblinz Studio’s Robothorium is a game about mechnical-kind revolting against mankind in a violent uprising. Players will take on the role of the robots, fighting against humans and either sparing them or killing them with no remorse.

The theme of the game centers around robots attaining sentience in 2052, and humans attempting to suppress a robot uprising that starts as a protest for rights that eventually devolves into a repressive nuts and bolts bloodbath.

You’ll take command of a group of robots labeled as a “first degree threat”, as humans will be hunting them down and dismantling them throughout the planet. Your objective is to kill the fleshsuits, carve out your corner of the planet, and turn any organic meatbag into mince meat if they cross your path. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

Instead of playing as a single robot or just a small group of robots, you’ll be commanding your squad as an S.I.A., an advanced artificial intelligence not unlike Skynet. Yes, you’ll practically be playing as Skynet in a roguelike retelling of Terminator.

Anyway, your objective will be to reunite the rebel robot forces and force man to bend the knee.

The main goal is to eventually force all mechanized and organic beings into submission.

The game features a full-on campaign mode with a thorough story with randomly generated levels and enemy AI that scales to the player.

You’ll be able to pick and choose your teammates as well as decide how to deal with your enemies. You’ll also be able to upgrade and modify your small army of robot killers.

You can purchase upgrades, repair them, equip new weapons and make them into the hunter killers that Darwin never thought evolution would peg them to become.

Now the real treat is that the geoscape of the game mirrors the likes of X-Com… the old one. You can see which factions are doing what and where. The various missions are located around the planet, and your job is to send in your squad of robots to either recruit or kill.

You can check out Robothorium right now by heading on over to the page, or you can learn more by visiting the official website.