Romancing Saga 2, Old-School JRPG Launches On Switch, PS4, Steam, iOS

Romancing Saga 2

Square Enix ported over the mobile version of Romancing Saga 2 from iOS and Android to Steam on PC, the PS4, the Xbox One and for the Nintendo Switch. The results have been a mixed reaction from the audience, some of whom actually enjoy the game’s classically told story while others are a bit miffed at the shortcuts that were made in the porting process by ArtePiazza.

The classic game originally made its debut back on the SNES during the heyday of JRPGs. It came out back in 1993 but was quickly overshadowed by the far superior outings of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. However, Romancing Saga‘s original trilogy focused on some unique combat features that weren’t available from its direct rivals, namely the ability to learn moves during combat and then utilize them later for your own advantage.

Romancing Saga 2 also introduced some unique new strategies in the turn-based genre, including using battle formations and positioning to completely change the tide of battle. You can see what the updated and improved version of the game looks like with the trailer below.

As you can see, ArtePiazza upgraded the game’s visuals from the original, improving the animations for some of the enemy sprites, adding in enhanced backgrounds with HD art, and remastered audio.

The developers also added some new dungeons to crawl and new classes to master, along with the New Game+ option so you can continue the journey after you conquer the game.

While a lot of these features seem great, gamers over on the Steam store page are ragging on the port for its lack of options and limited controller support. LBG sums up why there’s currently a mixed rating on the Steam store page, writing…

“I gave this one a go despite the poor reviews, as it was a game I always wanted to try having played several of the other Saga games and enjoying them. And it’s as a bad a port as everyone is saying. No settings at all, mobile control UI, poor controller detection. Which is a crime, because it’s a good game if extremely unusual as typical jrpgs go.”

Basically, it’s a buyer beware situation.

You may get different kinds of mileage out of the other home console and mobile versions of Romancing Saga 2. You can pick up the console version from the respective digital storefronts for $19.99. The PC version is available for $24.99, but is currently discounted down to $19.99 with a 20% off discount that will last up until January 8th, 2018.

You can pick up the game from the:

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