Rumored Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Features And Mechanics Detailed
(Last Updated On: December 28, 2017)

Two Battlefield games are supposedly in development as we speak. The first one, according to leaker Almightydaq, is a Battlefield WW2 game by DICE Sweden, which is slated for 2018. The second game, Battlefield: Bad Company 3, is rumored to launch sometime in 2019. The leaker has come forth with even more rumored information on the latter game.

Notice: The following information pertaining to Battlefield: Bad Company 3 has not been confirmed by EA or DICE LA. The interview between TBAG [Epic Gaming] and Almightydaq should be taken with a grain of salt, since the information could change later down the road.

For starters, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is rumored by Almightydaq to feature both a campaign and multiplayer mode. The Campaign is said to follow one of the squad members of the Bad Company games during a present day Cold War mission, where he’ll have flashbacks of Vietnam leading up to present day. The player is said to assume both theaters of war, however it is said to play out much like the original Bad Company games.

Gunplay is said to mirror that of other Bad Company games with a mix of Battlefield 4. Not only will a prone mechanic make an appearance in said rumored game, but full on map destruction will supposedly be a thing, too.

Vehicles are said to make an appearance, but the inclusion of behemoths will be absent. In other words, the main focus in the rumored game will be on infantry, gunplay, and physics-based destruction.

Rush will be, according to Almightydaq, the main game mode, while mission types like Squad Obliteration (name might change) and Operations possibly making an appearance in BF:BC3.

Before jumping into the timestamps, the rumor has it that gore will still be on the low, cosmetic loot-boxes and microtransactions will still be there, and the sweet-spot mechanic may or may not change.

Active timestamps lie below for TBAG [Epic Gaming] interview with Almightydaq:

For clarity, the rumor by Almightydaq sees DICE Sweden’s Battlefield: WW2 debuting in 2018 first. The more relaxed and casual experience Battlefield: WW2 will bring is said to be followed by frequent DLC/expansions unlike Battlefield 1. Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is rumored to release sometime in 2019 after Battlefield: WW2.

It’s still best to take all of the above with a grain of salt even if Almightydaq last detailed rumor regarding BF1 was spot on. With that said, would you like to see the Battlefield series return back to WW2 or Vietnam?

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