More Rumored Battlefield WW2 Info Touches On Story, SJW Themes And Gameplay
(Last Updated On: December 25, 2017)

Battlefield WW2 is the rumored game to launch sometime in 2018 under EA and DICE. In a new interview we learn about the rumored game’s story, if there will be SJW themes, and its gameplay mechanics.

Notice: The following information found in the interview between TBAG [Epic Gaming] and Almightydaq should be taken with a grain of salt given that there’s no valid confirmation by EA or DICE for any of the information contained within the interview.

Honestly, I was shocked that TBAG [Epic Gaming] and Almightydaq would do a near 30 minute long interview about the rumored Battlefield WW2 game, which touched on subjects that would seem like TBAG [Epic Gaming] would try to ignore.

If you don’t know who the two are, TBAG [Epic Gaming] covers a lot of EA and DICE titles without dwelling on the negative and finds a lot of Easter egg related stuff in their games. As for Almightydaq, he happens to be the one who accurately predicted Battlefield 1 and some of its major features before the game even launched.

With the latter name claiming that he knows what Battlefield 2018 is, which is said to be a WW2 game, he took up an interview with TBAG [Epic Gaming] about the following topics:

The given timestamps above relate to the video by TBAG [Epic Gaming] as seen below.

To sum up the above video, extreme violence/gore will be on the low, gun play will still play out like Battlefield 1, and the game will feature SJW themes according to Almightydaq.

In addition to the above, Russian, American, and Japanese forces will be present in the game. The story mode will follow multiple soldiers in a squad/platoon in one single-player stream that will come together, unlike BF1’s split up story missions.

Battlefield WW2 has not been confirmed by EA or DICE, but the game in question to launch in 2018 in the Battlefield franchise, according to Almightydaq, will be a World War 2 first-person shooter game.

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