Rumors Of A New Syphon Filter Heat Up After Bend Studio Office Move

When Sony Interactive Entertainment trademarked Syphon Filter in Europe around November 10th, many fans of Sony speculated that a new game could be in the works. Well, rumors have stirred up once more after Bend Studio posted up a lengthy tweet about its games made in the old studio that pertains heavily to the Syphon Filter series of games.

Notice: There’s no confirmation that a new Syphon Filter game, HD iteration or remake is in the works, but given the recent activity surrounding Syphon Filter could mean that something is in the works.

If you don’t know Bend Studio, they’re the ones behind the upcoming third-person zombie survival game Days Gone. The dev team have posted stuff about moving to a new studio not too long ago, but they usually focus on Days Gone given that that title is their upcoming flagship project.

As of recent, the dev team posted on their Twitter feed that they’ll miss the old studio and games that were made there. One series that has a heavy presence in the tweet (text and images) is the Syphon Filter series of games. The Tweet has nothing to do with Days Gone, but to be fair there is mention of other titles… they just have less of a focus than that of Syphon Filter, which is featured three times out of the four images.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if a new Syphon Filter game, HD collection or remake were in the works due to Sony Interactive Entertainment trademark of Syphon Filter in Europe, which publication site Gematsu found.

Sadly, there’s no telling what might come out of this trademark or tweet by Bend Studio. SIE could just be trademarking Syphon Filter and Bend Studio could be reminiscing, but with both moves coming out of nowhere, it wouldn’t be unsafe to assume something is brewing.

Time will surely tell whether or not the original PSX game will make it on the PS4 or not.

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