Runner3 Heads To Retail For Nintendo Switch In 2018 For $39.99

Runner3 Nintendo Switch

Nicalis announced that Choice Provisions’ Runner3 will land on the Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically in 2018. The physical release will be available at participating retailers with an SRP of $39.99.

The endless runner will put players back into the shoes of the hero in high-tops, CommanderVideo. He’ll leave his always-color rainbow stream of bit-trip awesomeness behind him as he dodges, jumps, flips, and bops the badness out of baddies in the latest entry in the popular rhythm-action platform series.

Choice Provisions co-founder, Alex Neuse, was excited about the game making its appearance as a cartridge for the first time on the Nintendo Switch, saying in the press release…

“We know everyone’s going to love Runner3, but I’ll bet you’re going to love it even more in tiny little cartridge form,”

Co-founder Mike Roush had sage words of wisdom for game journalists, advising them to avoid licking the cartridge but to play instead…

“Just try not to lick it—play it!”

I don’t know how well they’ll be able to accomplish that task Roush, especially when some of them are busy sticking Switch cartridges up inside their stink tank.

For normal gamers who actually enjoy playing games, there’s a new hype video available showcasing what Runner3 looks like in action. You can check it out below.

The challenge is still in hopping, bopping, and blasting your way around side-scrolling levels, but as you can clearly see the game has been upgraded with some sparkling and advanced 3D graphics.

The Bit.Trip series started off as a small indie endless runner, but it has steadily evolved into its own franchise, even featuring voice-acting talents such as Super Mario’s own Charles Martinet.

The retail version of the game comes with all the fancy goodies we used to get when purchasing physical copies back in the 1990s, this includes a full-color instruction booklet and playing maneul, a mini-CD soundtrack sampler, and a bonus item as well. That’s right, you get all that physical goodness jam packed within a $39.99 package.

The game is due out in the early first quarter of 2018, but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on the news wire for an exact release date.

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