Sea Of Thieves Dev Video Actually Makes The Game Look Kind Of Fun
Sea of Thieves

Rare released a new developer diary for Sea of Thieves. The team of developers showcase how the progressive quest system works, how tracking works, and how the scavenging works.

The hour long video starts with the team of four start by having to decipher the first segment of the quest on the parchment. The way it works in Sea of Thieves is that you examine the parchment to reveal each step of your quest; you have to decipher what you need to do. It’ll usually tell you where to go or how to get there.

When on a party quest, anyone from the party can progress the quest by performing the task at hand. We see this in action when one of the team members examines the stone and completes the segment. When a segment is completed, the next part of the parchment will appear and become deciphered.

After digging up the chest by following the instructions on the parchment, the crew swim back to the ship and trek off to the next island as part of the second chapter of the quest.

The ragtag pirates then pull up to another island where a rogue skeleton pirate shoots at the ship from atop a cliff.

They scale the mountain and kill the skeleton, but not before it does some serious damage to the ship.

They manage to pick up some treasure, head back to the boat and then venture to a flock of seagulls circling a wreck at the bottom of the sea.

They grab the treasure and then have to head northeast to the Crooked Mast after raiding the
the Wreck of the Marauder ‘s Revenge.

Two of them die after getting drunk and ticking off a pair of sharks. The duo are sent to purgatory and then they respawn on the ship.

The game picks up when a small ship comes up from behind and attacks them.

They come across some cargo in the sea and decide to take the items in the boxes because they run out of cannonballs.

While Sea of Thieves seems pretty casual, once the resources start running out and the enemies start getting serious the crew attempt to take them on.

The navy battles are pretty intense. In fact, they’re a lot better than I thought they would be. By the 34 minute mark we see that they manage to jump onto the enemy ship and kill the pirates.

Since the pirates spawn back on their ship, they end up respawning on their ship again. However, one of the neat things about the game is that it’s possible to use the ships you commandeer to attack other enemy ships. The ragtag team managed to get the two enemy ships to attack each other after they killed the crew on one of the ships and then turned it and began firing at another pirate ship.

Things get even more intense when a third ship shows up, a man-of-war, and they get cornered. Wisely, they position the ship between the two rocks so it forced the other team to attempt to board their boat. The ragtag devs manage to fend off the enemy AI, sink their ship and nab the treasure.

Now I’ll be honest, I usually don’t care much about Sea of Thieves, but there are some interesting gameplay mechanics at play here.

It basically seems to take a lot of the good parts about the ship navigation and combat from Allods Online but completely removes all the annoying grinding. The ability to load yourself into the cannons and attempt to fire yourself onto the enemy ship is also very similar to the boarding mechanics on Allods Online.

The real-time weather mechanics look really good here, and the fact that the wind affects the controls and visibility is pretty slick. The emergent features give the game a feeling of unpredictability, which is usually what’s lacking in today’s games.

The video ends as the team grabs the treasure and begin to race to the vendors to sell it. A couple of other ships pull from behind and sink their ship and attempt to steal their treasure. They kill the other pirates, sell the chests and win the round.

It looks like a fun game. I hate to say it, but I think Xbox One owners might actually have something worth playing in 2018.

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