SJWs Attack Game Journalist Erik Kain For Being Neutral On #GamerGate
Erik Kain

Erik Kain recently made tweets about how some people involved in #GamerGate were co-opted to join the Alt-Right as part of Breitbart’s plan to recruit the youth generation in the gamer demographic to ramp up the Conservative numbers. Kain was disappointed but cognizant in what he felt was #GamerGate being co-opted by the Right. After making the tweets and then later asking for calmer heads, Social Justice Warriors decided to attack Erik Kain.

It all started with this tweet on December 13th, 2017.

After Kain’s initial tweets about #GamerGate being co-opted by Right-Wing advocates, he later published a long series of explanations about how he felt and his stance on the issue, writing in a series of tweets on December 15th, 2017

“I want to clarify something:


“1) I did not mean to imply that everyone in GG went right-wing because of Milo. I simply wanted to point out that opportunists like Milo did make that effort and it did work on some people. Some have told me as much.


“2) I don’t think it’s wrong to be conservative (even if I tend to disagree with conservatives) but I *do* think it’s wrong to be part of the alt-right. It’s one thing to be for gods, guns and liberty and quite another to support white nationalism/fascism.


“3) With regards to the smear campaign against me right now, I can only say this: In 2014 there was a lot of confusion and I did my best to try to understand it and to give *everyone* the benefit of the doubt. Women, gamers, etc.


“4) Given that people are lying blatantly about me right now (co-founder of the alt right etc. despite my very public left-leaning opinions) it’s more important to me than ever to consider giving people the benefit of the doubt. Social media makes it very easy to spread lies.


“5)I’ve had many opinions about GG over the years. Ultimately I wish the entire episode never happened because it’s only been stressful and exhausting. I certainly never tried to use GG to further my career or ambitions. I tried to understand it, and that was a grave sin to many.


“6) I also likely made a number of mistakes covering what was a deeply puzzling phenomenon and ultimately just walked away from the entire project because it became far too toxic for myriad reasons.


“7) And finally, I had no clue that Bannon quote would cause such a shitstorm. I thought it was interesting to hear that he admitted to trying to woo gamers via Milo. It sucks that many deeply shitty, dishonest people have used it as a reason to be shitty but this is Twitter so…”

Social Justice Warriors hated that Kain had dared to take on the tendentious disposition of being neutral when expressing himself about #GamerGate, and they were furious with red-hot indignation that he would neither condemn nor reject #GamerGate as a whole.

Zoe Quinn’s friend, Katherine Cross, attacked Kain in a series of tweets…

Lara Hudson from The Verge also chimed in to criticize Kain for not being more one-sided in his approach to addressing #GamerGate, and for daring to be neutral and even-handed in handling the cultural phenomenon.

Former game journalists Leigh Alexander also offered her two cents. And yes, it’s the same Leigh Alexander who was the managing editor at GamaSutra that penned the “Gamers don’t have to be your audience” back on August 28th, 2014, which effectively turned #GamerGate into a global force for better ethics in journalism that brought a reckoning to unethical outlets like Gawker.

Various other social justice instigators such as Jay Allen, known on Twitter as A Man In Black, also reproached Kain’s centrist attitude toward the movement, advising his followers not to allow Kain to “rewite his history of GG hagiography”.

The circles of social justice were inflamed and incensed at the idea that Erik Kain would dare give credence to #Gamergate’s qualms in anyway. In the mind of these individuals, consumer revolts should not happen against corrupt establishments, and gamers shouldn’t attempt to want disclosure and honesty from the media.

Some people even went so far as to say that Erik Kain was an Alt-Right Conservative, despite him being a Liberal Democrat.

Despite being attacked through sub-tweets and threatened without being tagged, Kain decided that he was going to go back to covering video games and reviewing television shows instead of getting bogged down in the minutiae of social media drama and the powder keg of chaos that comes with invoking #GamerGate.

Kain also asked people not to attack the SJWs who attacked him, requesting for calmer heads to prevail.

Anyone who remotely tries to be balanced, nuanced, and neutral when covering #GamerGate are usually attacked without quarter by the Social Justice Warrior hordes online. As evident with Erik Kain, if you attempt to denounce the SocJus orthodoxy, you will be branded a heretic and you will be attacked for the crime of wrongthink.

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