SJWs Used Glitched Image To Create Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Controversy

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 SJW Boobs

Sex-negative Social Justice Warriors have been attacking Nintendo, Monolith Soft and fans of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by using an image captured of a character named Dahlia; she’s a half-rabbit, and a living weapon known as a Blade. In the game she’s depicted with large boobs, bunny ears, and bunny paws. An SJW managed to glitch her and then share the image in order to tarnish the artists’ reputation at Monolith Soft.

We originally reported on the boobs in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 triggering some SJWs a day before the game released. Well, one of those triggered SJWs, going by the Twitter handle of botwzelink, had a tweet that was shared more than 6.3 thousand times, and retweeted 2.8 thousand times. The image can be viewed below.

It turns out that this image was captured after the player glitched Dahlia and managed to get her spine bent out of proportion, leading to a lot of people falsely criticizing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for having bad character designs and deformed anatomies for the female characters, beyond the large boobs.

Well, others who actually played the game discovered that the claims of the female characters having broken spines and deformed anatomies was false, as pointed out by user

The misinformation spread about Dahlia in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 managed to find its way into SJW media circles, even spawning an article on Dorkly, with the headline “RPG Fans Are Roasting This Ridiculous Character Design”, even though the photo being spread around is based on a glitch.

You can see in the image below that her spine doesn’t actually protrude through her abdomen like in the image above.

FP Food Game also has a video showcasing her in motion, and you can see what her posture looks like in the actual game.

Basically, this just goes to show the lengths some SJWs will go to in order to tarnish a game’s public image that doesn’t toe the Leftist line; that isn’t designed as political propaganda; that isn’t third-wave feminist approved; and that isn’t butchered from top to bottom by Nintendo Treehouse.

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