SJWs Want Namco To Censor Ivy In SoulCalibur VI

SoulCalibur VI Ivy Valentine

Social Justice Warriors are now adamant about getting Ivy Valentine, the popular and buxom fighter from the SoulCalibur series, censored for the upcoming release of SoulCalibur VI. Ivy hasn’t even been confirmed yet as a fighter on the roster for the upcoming game, but Social Justice Warriors are nearly at the brink of demanding that Bandai Namco cover up Ivy if she does appear in the game, possibly to suppress their own urges to rape women? For reference, it’s become quite an epidemic among male feminists and video game journalists to assault women.

Well, recently conducted an interview with Bandai Namco producer, Motohiro Okubo, and decided to pressure him on censoring Ivy Valentine, using the excuse that [current year] basically demands that females can no longer be sexy in video games and nor can fictional women have sex appeal for straight men. The question from Metro and the answer from Okubo are below…

GameCentral: I know you can’t talk about other characters in the game, but the design and attire of a character like Ivy – whether she’s in the new one or not – are a lot more problematic today than they were when the series began. Is that something you intend to address?


Motohiro Okubo: [long pause] I understand that there are different opinions about such characters. So I think what’s most important is how you want to express and design such characters, and not just the female characters. But I still want to keep the body shape and the atmosphere of each character to be the backbone of each character.”

Other sites that adopt and promote the SJW agenda, such as, also chimed in to echo similar sentiments by helping promote’s sex-negative viewpoint on how women are allowed to dress and be portrayed in fictional media, writing…

“And now for the awkward part… Is Ivy still a scantily-clad boob monster, and are we going to be uncomfortable playing this game with other people in the room? GameCentral asked Okubo about his thoughts on female character design since, in modernity, we tend to be a little more sensitive about how females are represented in games.


“[…] We’re not sure what [Okubo’s comment] means, but I have a feeling that it means that Ivy will still be a scantily-clad boob monster.”

Okubo also mentioned that females are working on the team when asked by GameCentral about the diversity quotas in the studio. To this, GameRevolution believes that hopefully the female designs will be affected by the female on the staff, writing…

“Regular characters like Ivy have been controversial in the past for their revealing outfits, so Okubo discussed his thoughts on characters like her, too.


“Though Ivy and others haven’t been confirmed for SoulCalibur VI, Okubo eases concern for their designs by noting that there are female designers that work on the team. No further details were given on what characters we can expect to see or what the story mode itself will entail.”

ResetEra is typically freaking out about the thought of Ivy not being censored for a possible appearance in SoulCalibur VI. Ivy’s round mounds of flesh triggered Ars Technica’s Sam Machkovech, who offered his two cents on ResetEra.

Machkovech is hoping that Anita Sarkeesian’s oftentimes dishonest and erroneous conclusions derived from her criticisms of video games would have an effect on Japanese developers, mentioning in the thread…

“I’d like to think series like Feminist Frequency have at least gotten Japanese devs to pause for a moment and have a clearer sense of how to add sexuality to games in ways that are fun, sexy, and fairer than the old guard… but then I see the boobie-squeezing game tearing up the Switch Japanese charts and sigh.”

Machokevch is referencing the Japanese release of Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura, which is more of a visual novel style game with various mini-games that involves dressing up the kunoichis from Senran Kagura and massaging them or fondling their breasts and butts… complete with dynamic and highly engrossing physics.

A few members of ResetEra noted that Ivy does have more conservative alternative costumes; but even then that wasn’t enough for the more puritanical of the bunch, who stated that they should swap her conservative alternatives for the default in order to fully cover up her titties and thighs. Fans of Ivy were not pleased with these suggestions.

Nevertheless, gamers are absolutely terrified about Ivy being censored in Soul Calibur VI due to demands from Social Justice Warriors in the media and on Twitter. In fact, there are a number of threads about this very topic on GameFaqs, with some gamers taking bets on how long it will be before SJWs petition (read: demand) that Bandai Namco remove sex appeal from the game and cover up Ivy Valentine from head-to-toe to ensure that she is no longer seen as being attractive in the eyes of straight gamers and lesbians.

User gogeta031 naively believes that Japan won’t fold to the pressure, writing…

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thankfully, Japanese developers don’t listen to the miserable, scum-sucking maggots known as SJWs.”

Little does he know that some Japanese games have previously been censored, even in their native region, such as Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link, which featured covered up outfits and far smaller boobs than the standard Senran Kagura games, despite only being available in Japan. Some suspect it may have been app store regulations while others fear it may have been the new developer not knowing how to properly handle large, juicy boobs.

In more extreme cases, however, publisher Koei Tecmo completely forfeited localizing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for the West due to feminists and Social Justice Warriors.

A number of other games have also been censored when making the leap from the East to the West, and Social Justice Warriors have been attacking developers incessantly who don’t submit to their rule over the gaming industry. Nintendo and Monolith Soft, however, managed to endure the onslaught of thousands, upon thousands of bot-propelled tweets from SJWs and stuck to their guns with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nitnendo Switch.

SJWs attacked Nintendo and Monolith Soft relentlessly for allowing several large-breasted women roam around in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They demanded that such women not be allowed to be viewed in public, and that they shouldn’t exist because large-breasted women are “misogynistic”.

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but none of the above paragraph is a joke, nor is it in anyway hyperbole. In the West, cleavage genocide is real.

The question is: will Bandai Namco fold to the demands of SJW media and censor Ivy for SoulCalibur VI? Or will Bandai Namco hold steady and allow the creators to make the game the way they see fit?

Gamers are waiting with bated breath.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)

[Update:] If you want to get in contact with Bandai Namco and show your support for Ivy, you can do so by contacting them via Twitter or Facebook and letting them know how big a fan you are of the original Ivy designs.

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