A Sky Full Of Stars Visual Novel Launches On Steam, But 18+ Patch Is MIA

A Sky Full Of Stars

MoeNovel’s A Sky Full of Stars recently launched on Steam. The visual novel is a coming of age romance tale with a dash of comedy and some small scatterings of excitement sprinkled about. The game centers around a protagonist and his childhood friendships developed around the dreams they had while soaking in a sky full of stars.

A Sky Full of Stars features full voice acting, but also took things a step further using binaural recording so that they were able to give gamers a 3D surround sound experience, with the voices having distinct distance and positional audio processing so that they were able to create a “natural-feeling closeness” for how they depicted the characters in the game.

You can get a glimpse of what the visuals and character designs are like with the launch trailer below.

While it might seem like an easy-buy for visual novel fans, especially those who enjoyed If My Heart Had Wings, some gamers are quite angry at the lack of an H-patch for the 18+ version of A Sky Full of Stars.

As Aki points out, if there’s no H-patch there’s no purchase…

“Sorry, I really want to buy it but no 18+ patch -> no buy. not mean i need those H-CGs that much but we gonna buy a game without full story. if u played “If my heart had wings” steam version, you will understand.”

Aki isn’t alone.

Even gamers who have given A Sky Full of Stars a thumbs up and a positive rating on Steam are still begging, pleading with the devs to release the 18+ uncensored H-patch for the visual novel.

Part of the reasoning is that they feel as if the romantic H-scenes add to the story and bring complement to the character interactions. Without those scenes they feel as if the game just isn’t complete.

Some gamers took to the forums to ask about an 18+ patch, but were quickly shot down when they were notified that MoeNovel isn’t allowed to publish uncensored patches on the Steam page or in the forums. In fact, no developer is allowed.

At one point Valve had allowed developers to publish some uncensored games onto the Steam store so long as they were actual games, such as House Party or Strangers in a Strange Land. However, Christian groups began attacking Valve for allowing uncensored games with full nudity and sex on Steam, and complained that they were allowing children to access porn. Valve had the developers censor their games and then allowed them to update their games with uncensored, 18+ patches.

However, that wasn’t enough for the censor groups, and Valve was later forced to ban all 18+ uncensored patches from being distributed through the Steam client, whether it be through the news updates or through the forum.

Gamers now use Steam Uncensored’s sub-Reddit to find out about uncensored patches or through updates on the developer’s website.

For now, though, it appears as if A Sky Full of Stars simply has no 18+ patch available, and gamers will have to settle for the censored version currently available over on the Steam store.

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