Skyrim Together Mod FAQ Explains Mods, Player Interactions, LAN And More

Want to know a bit more about Skyrim Together the online mod? There’s good news for you in that the devs behind the mod have a F.A.Q. page that covers nearly everything you need to know about Skyrim Together.  

Trying to keep this as short as possible, some of the F.A.Q. for Skyrim Together sits below. If you want the full picture as to what Skyrim Together holds, feel free to hit up to read the whole F.A.Q.

Beneath this very text contains a slew of information on the mod, which starts off with platforms and versions:

Platforms and versions

“We think cross-play between Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition is possible! We haven’t thoroughly tested it before, but this old video has shown that it’s definitely possible.”

If you happen to be the type of person that wants to share a mod with a friend or two, and wonder if <X> mod will work with Skyrim Together, a video by the team sits below:

Will <X> mod work with Skyrim Together?

Servers and LAN are popular topics insofar that the team felt that it was necessary to provide the following:

Servers and LAN play

“During alpha and beta we will be hosting the servers ourselves. This is to collect crucial data such as logs, warnings, errors, crash reports and analytics which we can use to further improve this mod. LAN play will probably be supported after the beta.


We will be hosting the servers on multiple locations powered by Amazon. To see what the ping will be like for you, you can check out this site. Be aware that its pinging tool is using HTTP instead of UDP (which is a lot faster), so you can see these results as “worst case scenario”.


You will be able to join friends using an in-game UI to simply either spawn a server or join a friend. This will be very intuitive.


We do not have a server limit, so you will be able to play at any time. Every server will technically support up to 64 players at the same time. Though, we recommend playing with smaller parties of 2-8 people as that is what we tested it on.”

Dressing a character up and making them look a certain way can be fun, but how will appearance play with another person halfway across the world? Can they see what your character is wearing? The answer lies below:


“You will be able to see a player’s race, gender, apparel and weapons. We advise against SKSE character overhauls as we cannot synchronize those; use it at own risk. Movement interpolation will be taken place to make movement and animations look as smooth as possible.”

Curious about moveable objects and pick-pocketing? You’re covered by the “Containers” section:


“Containers are fully synchronized. Chests, inventories, traders and more will display the same list which automatically updates whenever a change has been made. This includes looting and pickpocketing!


If the AI spots you, you won’t be able to pickpocket the player anymore.”

Player versus player (PVP/PVE)

Want to know about PVP/PVE mechanics? Both functions are explained below:

“PVP will be fully supported and won’t have a toggle to turn it off. As players are treated as NPCs, they can be fought as you normally would an NPC. This also means that you won’t be able to fast travel if the AI hates you.


NPCs are managed by cell hosts, preventing any kind of duplication unless people meet up from far away. NPCs that are spawned in will have their leveling handled by Skyrim, meaning that high level players will see high level NPCs and low level players will see low level NPCs.


NPCs are enabled before being used, meaning that you can see both Ralof and Hadvar in Riverwood if two players chose the other at the start in Helgen.”

World events and state

Information in regard to world events and state of a cell, the team explains how synchronization will work with both scripts:

“We synchronize events such as OnActivation events (when hitting ‘E’ to interact). This allows you to solve puzzles, open/close doors, interact with levers and more. We recommend clearing a dungeon for the first time together as we do not synchronize the initial state of a cell.”

The act of death cannot happen in Skyrim Together without  desynchronization sparking up. Below, we learn how death plays out:


“Since we cannot afford the player to die (as it desynchronizes a lot of states), players will be marked as essential. Once your health reaches (below) 0, you will go in a ragdoll state where a friend can pick you up. If this happens within the death timer (around 45 seconds), you will be resurrected right on the spot. If this doesn’t happen, you will be revived in the healing temple in Whiterun.


In case you don’t want to wait the full 45 seconds, you can type /respawn in chat, which will instantly revive you in Whiterun.”

Elaboration on experience and dragon souls can be looked over right here:

Experience and dragon souls

“Experience and dragon souls are handled locally. This means that if you keep attacking, you’ll level up locally. Experience is therefore not shared. If a dragon dies, everyone will get a soul. Everyone will be the dragonborn and we aren’t going to change that.”

A feature that is bound to cause issues is slowing down time. Here is how the team wants to handle time effects:

Slow time effects / slowmotion

“Slowing time effects only work locally. If you are hosting the NPCs, then the NPCs will be slowed as well. This means that other players can still move with regular speed as if nothing has happened.”

Interested in how factions and bounties will work? Once again, the devs have you covered:

Factions and bounties

“Both factions and bounties are synchronized. If your friend is a Stormcloak and you see an Imperial patrol on the way hosted by you, then the Imperials will actively chase down your Stormcloak friend.”

Quests sound like they could kick-up major issues, but this is why the Skyrim Together team is still working things out. Below lies the answer to quests and how they work with other people:


Quests will not be synced during initial release. If you want to quest together with your friend, then it’s strongly advised to talk to the same NPCs and take the same choices. We let Skyrim handle the different choices that you players make online.


We do not know how quest events will happen if one player is further ahead than the other (or has made different choices). We let Skyrim handle it themselves.

Wondering about time and weather? The two are addressed below:

Time and weather

Both time and weather are synchronized. If you sleep, wait or even load a different save then time will not progress. Sleeping will still give you the rested bonus. We have commands to change the current time of the server.

Saving and loading

Need to know how saving and loading works? It has its fair share of issues, but you can read what the team suggests what you should do for it to work:

It is possible to save while being online, though we highly recommend not to load in another savegame while playing online. This can mess with the state of the world and player synchronization. We recommend you disconnect first before doing so.

The only thing that will help this mod is time and proper feedback. In the meantime, though, you can learn more about this mod by hitting up the team’s Reddit page or Patreon page.

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